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The Division RP
New York has fallen to the virus plaguing its citizens and several factions have sprung up to create mayhem. The police have been unable to stop them so now it is up to the Strategic Homeland Division to bring peace, order, and safety. (This forum may contain lemons in topic, you have been warned.)
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The Division: Beginning of the End
When the Green Poison hit, everything was changed. New York, the once-symbolic, shining jewel of a city, has fallen into chaos. But out of the ashes of the fallen, came the Division. Skilled, brave and ruthless, they're willing to do everything to take back their beloved city... well, most of them, at least. RP forum for Tom Clancy's The Division! There will be two main sections, focusing on both of the Waves each. If this interests you, come on in!
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The Division RP
New York has been brought to it's knees by a man made virus...bandits and vicious factions control the streets. the police have failed to bring society back from the brink of self destruction. now, the Strategic Homeland Division has been called to restore order. when society falls, we rise.
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