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Join as one of the Club Members or an OC of your own! Battle through your own battles, and fight for who you love most! Be wild, be free, let your heart go Doki Doki! It might not be like your reality, but it will most likely be OUR Reality! :)
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Haha nerd
Stop it get some help
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Just Monika (light version)
this is what I think of the other characters perspectives
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A glitched life
Hey James here and here the weirdeist thing that happend to me during the summer read this to find out (Warning this story contains strong lanquage, and is not sutable for young children, viewers discretion is advised
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¿Qué pasaría si Monika estuviera en nuestro mundo? Seguramente te hayas preguntado eso Y si no lo hiciste me vale nepe Bueno como te imaginas en esta historia Monika viajara nuestro mundo ¿Quieres saber que pasara? Si? Pues tendrás que esperar 20 años para que actualice la historia :D (el summary es asi porque lo escribi hace tiempo y escribia de forma algo ...infantil? )
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TME Suggestions
Suggest content for my book Through The Eyes Of Monika
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