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Donkey Kong High School
This is a forum where u can role-play as any kong or u can create ur own. Please join and have fun. U must read and except all rules and regulations.
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The DK Barrel Blast Forum! Yay!
This is a post for the DK racing game Donkey Kong Barrel Blast! Select your character or make on up! Limit four OCs. You can use the characters from the series though.
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The Donkey Kong Forum
Talk about anything DK related!
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Donkey Kong Country OC RPG
An RPG about DKC!
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Donkey Kong Country story ideas
Does anyone have any Donkey Kong Country story ideas that people haven't thought of before? Like stories about DK and Candy's Relationship. Stories about some of the Kongs who need more attention. And stories about Chunky and Kiddy's brother bonding.
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