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Dragon Age RP
The Blight has returned! In the years following the Champion's battle at Kirkwall, another dispatch of darkspawn arrived in Thedas. Make a character, choose a land and prepare for what is to come in the world of Dragon Age! RP inside
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Dragon Age: Inquisition Roleplay
No matter your Background, no matter your experience, join with The Inquisition to fight the Elder One and bring peace to Thedas!
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Dragon Age: The Fallen
200 years after the Awakening, another Blight is upon the land. A arch demon has risen, but this one is more powerful then the last and much more intellegent. Full story added inside since this thing has small space
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Dragon Age Writers' Corner
Many of the Dragon Age forums are roleplays, so I've set up this for authors who wish to chat about Dragon Age and writing, and writing about Dragon Age! Need feedback? Just want to chat? Swoop on in because in this case, swooping is good!
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Dragon Age: Origins RP
-The ORIGINAL Dragon Age RP forum, follows the plot but will most likely grow into more once the main storyline is finished.- From purebred Royalty to Apostates, a group is coming together and growing in order to save Ferelden from its latest Blight. Love
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Dragon Age : The Dragon's Return ( Restarted on 7th of April 2015)
When the world is over run by dragons will heroes rise to face these monsters or will the world burn under their wings . (Inquisition now included)
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Dragon AgeRP
The fifth blight ravages Ferelden, join together to save Thedas. A DragonAge Origins role-play.
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Dragon Age:The new era
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Everyone Expects the Inquisition
Welcome to Thedas. And, more importantly, the Inquisition. What sort of shenanigans will befall our heroes? Well that's up to you; after all... everyone expects strange things when the Inquisition is in town. What legend will you build?
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Dragon Age Ridiculously Awesome Authors
Join us Brothers and Sisters in saying thanks to all the Ridiculously Awesome Authors that are on this site. WARNING! NO DISSING AUTHORS ON THIS FORUM! Drop by and say Hi, there are always a bunch of crazy monkeys hanging about..
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Dragon Age Origins and Dragon Age 2 RP
For anyone who wants to role play this game. Romances are allowed and it's first come first serve on who gets who crush wise. If you just want to be a canon character then that's fine too. OCs are allowed too. Help defend Fereldan against the Blight.
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Dragon Age: Birth of the Inquisition
The Mages and Templars are at war with one another, and the Chantry thought that was the biggest problem of the age. They were wrong. Divine Justina has called for a meeting of the two groups at the conclave within the mountains of Haven. Join the starts of the Inquisition.
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Dragon age RP
Dragon age Rp that takes place between Dragon age Orgins and Dragon age two, Genral story is what if the darkspawn chronicles happened and the hero of Ferelden never appeared : The grey wardens were scattered after their commander Alistair was killed at the hands of Archdemon , The survivors of the sack of Ferelden have fled into nearby kingdoms leaving Ferelden filled with Darkspawn. So now a mysterious woman gathers new champions.
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Dragon Age Roleplay
Play through the events of Dragon Age Origins, Awakening and later Dragon Age 2.
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The Age of The Dragon: Dragon Age RP
'Fight for your values and fight for your friends, fight through this black, find the light at the end. Through the Age of the Dragon the people will talk, of the day they were saved by a hero, named Hawke'- Miracle of Sound... Canon characters available :)
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Dragon Age: Prologue
Dragon Age: Prologue takes place 2 years before Origins' events. Discover shocking events and journey through Ferelden to fight a dark evil. You can make your own future in the story of Dragon Age Origins, Awakening, and Dragon Age 2. Will you join the ranks of the Grey Wardens, or will you stand in arms to defend Ferelden, or will you be a part of the Darkspawn Horde and conquer Ferelden?
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Join Us, Brothers And Sisters
* REBOOTED AS OF SEPTEMBER 2014* The darkspawn have ravaged Thedas over and over again, but no Blight was as terrible as the First. Two centuries of bitter warfare consumed the continent, and threatened to destroy all light in the world... but the Grey Wardens put an end to that, stemming the tide of darkness. Join the order at its founding and help push back the darkspawn, in a world before the Chantry, before the Dales, before Ferelden. Join us, and help us defeat the twisted Archdemon Dumat.
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Dragon Age RP
Forum for all Dragon-Age lovers, like me! ; You're now part of the Ferelden Grey Wardens. There is war between all Templars and Mages, the Ferelden Dalish Elves are starting to rebel against the humans and everyone is too caught up on their problems to realize that.. another Blight is arising. You and your new friends have to put an end to all of it and save the world from itself.
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Glory Age: Rise of Heroes
Thedas is at peace, or at least its supposed to be. But peace is never permanent and as the stirrings of trouble begin to emerge, it's up to a small band of unlikely heroes to stop a madman's quest to return the world to darkness.
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Role Playing: Dagon Age 2
The blight is upon the land of Fereldan. Many have fled to the Free Marches, leaving their old life behind and trying to build a new inside the city walls of Kirkwall. Will you succeed and leave you mark in the stories?
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DragonAge: In the beginning
I noticed all the dragonage forums seem to be.. deep in the story.So heres a fresh and new one, i find this game AMAZINNNNG, so lets make the best forum, shall we? cursing aloud,duhh
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Dragon Age RPG
Hey all this is a Dragon Age RPG. Anyone is free to join :
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RolePlay Dragon Age Inquisition (Crossover)
The Breach has opened and demons came falling out, it is up to the heroes of Thedas to save the world and the people they love. But demons are not the only ones that came falling out, a creature from another world came crashing down. Will this 'Being' help or will the world fall to a whole new power?
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Dragon Age: The Return of Dragons(RPG)
Dragons are returning to Thedas, and there are massive rewards for slaying them! Join new faces and friends to hunt these beasts and save lives! And there's the nice bonus of gold too!
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Dragon Age Roleplay
This a roleplay for those who are fans of or at lrast interested in the Dragon Age franchise from BioWare. Knowledge of the games isnt a requirement; just be willing to participate and enjoy hreat roleplaying! This Dragon Age Roleplay will follow (loosely or otherwise) the series from Origins to Inquisition. Have fun and Enjoy!
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