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Thedas Adventures (Closed - Open for viewing and chat)
Formally known as Rise of the Dragons, is currently closed. The Mods are considering a future reopening but until then it shall remained locked and closed but open for those who still wish to reread old stories. The Chat has remained open as well for those who wish to talk, and or get a hold of the mods. Thank you to all those who participated in making this forum a fun place for everyone. We hope if it reopens in the future it will be just as fun as the original. :)
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Dragon Age: Stories of Heroes
While the Warden fights the blight, the Hawke family and many other refugees made their way to Kirkwall, none of them knowing what destiny holds ready for them. - Join the Warden in his/her fight against the blight, or help the Hawkes in their Quest for Kirkwall! - Does not exactly has to follow the main stories!
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Dragon Age : The Dragon's Return
When the world is over run by dragons will heroes rise to face these monsters or will the world burn under their wings .
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Dragon Age Roleplay
Play through the events of Dragon Age Origins, Awakening and later Dragon Age 2.
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The Age of The Dragon: Dragon Age RP
'Fight for your values and fight for your friends, fight through this black, find the light at the end. Through the Age of the Dragon the people will talk, of the day they were saved by a hero, named Hawke'- Miracle of Sound... Canon characters available :)
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Dragon Age: The Fifth Blight
The Fifth blight is upon Fereldan and The gray wardens are preparing for war. Will you join their ranks as a warden, oppose them as the Darkspawn, maybe you'll support the wardens as a knight Templar, or a local arl, or maybe a chantry priest. Whatever you are, your choices impact everything in the battle for Ferelden. All are welcome, no prior knowledge of Dragon Age is needed, new RPers and experienced ones alike are all welcome
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Thedas: Dragon Age Roleplay (START UP)
The world is changing under your actions, and where will you stand when fear strikes the heart of the world? An all-new role play.
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Dragon Age Roleplay
A plot-driven roleplay based in the world of Thedas, beginning with the fifth blight and the battle of Ostagar. Claim and/or create a character!
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The Dragon Age RP Forum
Welcome to the Dragon Age discussion and RP forum! We're always accepting characters and we are RPing in almost any and all time lines, so feel free to come in at anytime and join in the fun!
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Dragon Age RP
Story under development
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Mass Effect or Dragon Age?
Which, in your opinion, is the better game overall?
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Dragon Age II RPG (Literate)
Live out the adventures of Hawke and his/her companions! Write of the main story, side quests, personal moments... and more! Just be sure to write your character as closely to the original as possible and stick to Dragon Age lore. Send auditions to me through PM or send me the link to a story you've written revolving around the character you wish to play. Hawke and her companions are needed. Other game characters or OCs will be considered.
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