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Darkness and the Fire
hello! okay, this is a forum for the greatest game on earth! DRAKENGARD! sorry for the uncreative title...but yeah. this is here for you to talk about anything. that's right, anything about drakengard! so flock here! FLOCK I SAY!
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Stop Duo Maxwell now! info on who this person is w
Hi, this is a forum for all who wish to stop Duo maxwell from spreading through FFNET again, if you are new and dunno who this person is, read inside forum.also contact SS Talos
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Love Red, Ambivalence Black
Drakengard 1&2 Head Quarters: RP here if you know how, ask for help on the games, ask for help finding music and wallpapers. And mostly chat about all things DRAKENGARD . Ya
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Anything to do with the first Drakengard game.
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