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The Raposa World
Of for the love of...... Come on! I can't BELIEVE that this is the ONLY Drawn to Life forum. Well, anyway, this is where you can discuss everything from fave characters, fave pairings, even enjoy an RP. All are welcome!
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Raposa Roleplayers
A forum purely for RPs! There were no other forums other than The Raposa World for Drawn to Life, so let's liven it up a bit, shall we?
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Drawn to Life
For anyone who wants to chat about the Drawn to Life series
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Autumn's Awkward Forum!
My first forum, and quite possibly my last. This forum may be drawn to life but feel free to obsess over anything on here. Except Zelda or Earthbound. None of that filth on my page! Sorry if I just insulted people, WAIT DON'T GO! Rp is fun. So is screaming about how life sucks so feel free to do both. You can swear on here but try to keep it to a minimum because if I wanted to hear swearing, I'd be watching tv instead of creating this forum. Have fun and "Don't die!" -Autumn
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Creation Hall
Discuss anything about DTL. well, maybe not your 100-page long yaoi furry fanfic you sick person This may or not be to do with the CH forum. Expect complete nonsense.
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MarixWilfre or MarixJowee
A forum where all of us can debate about the topic of Mari. Who deserves to be with her? Wilfre or Jowee?
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