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Shadows Fall (Homebrew, Lore-heavy)
A homebrew setting with a dedicated plotline and ever-expanding lore. Join the largest Dungeons and Dragons forum on FF, and become part of the dynamic plot and contribute to our lore! Posting on this forum is almost glacial, don't expect it to be otherwise.
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The Eldritch Circle
An evil force has arisen in this world, and heroes must rise to face the challenge
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Roleplaying Campaign Center
Greetings! We're a primarily hard stat roleplaying forum, currently using D&D 5th, but also interested in other dice based roleplaying systems. We also allow text based roleplaying as well, if you're interested! If you want to start up a campaign or join one, please come check us out!
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Darkest Dungeons
Do you seek glory, power, might, or fame? Perhaps all four. Maybe something else. Greatness awaits those who venture the kingdom of Valesya, so try your hand at questing and try not to get killed. May the dice be ever in your favor.
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I couldn't think of a title
An RP forum. PM me if you want to join.
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My Little Pony: Isles of Memory RP
A Dungeons & Dragons style Roleplay Forum. Play as one of the mane 6 and get your dice at the ready to take on the memories of the mane six and Shadow. This roleplay features both canon and OC characters. Rated T.
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Drow of the Underdark
Well if you find Drow the most fascinating race in all of D&D then join, RP and chat until your heart is content
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Brotherhood of the Maul
Random things. Submit a character and join one of the campaigns!
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Dungeons and Dragons oh my! RP Forumn
the lot of yah should know what to do here! -
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Dungeons and Dragons Ultimate edition
Dungeons and Dragons Roleplay. What more can you possibly ask for?
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A place for people to play D&D or Pathfinder. Will be configured for multiple games if necessary.
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Dungeons and Dragons
Welcome to the world of Dungeons and Dragons.
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Private RP
This is a private D&D forum. Please respect people's privacy. Invitation by MY PM only.
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Familiars & Dragons 3X A D&D Familiar of Zero Crossover RP
Unfortunate days are ahead, what with beings from beyond there Universe being summoned it is completely understandable, Welcome, To Familiars and Dragons 3.X Edition.
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Dungeons and Dragons
This is a general DnD roleplaying forum, i will include a list of races and creatures you can be.
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A New world of D&D
i'm trying to work on my Dming and im thinking of making this a first edition D&D Rp it's set up in a world of my own creation and a few races will not be present so you will have to submit your character (no god's or demigod's or chosen right away and don't try to be op) i will allow player's to fight but killing each other is off unless the person Rping that character leaves (tell me if you decide to leave so i don't let you'r character die)
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Dungeons and Dragons rp
Welcome to the world of Dungeons and Dragons where anything can happen.
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d20 Role Playing
A roleplaying forum that adds die rolling to make the adventures much more intersting.
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Heart of War
This RPG is not for actual roleplaying on here but with a group that has the same interests in RPG's as you. The theme is a Warcraft based theme with some Final Fantasy, Dungeons and Dragons, and will sometimes reference somethings like Marvel, DC Universe, or any other thing that you could think of that is outside of the Medieval/RPG genre. Note: If anyone else wants to be a Dungeon Moderator, then talk to me.
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Thieve's Head Inn
Welcome to the Thieve's Head Inn. It's about a day's walk outside the capital city, but by no means a high-class place. It's frequented by both travelers and adventurers. The mugs are unbreakable, the food and beer are good, and the tales told here are always worth listening to.
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Full Moon: Perfect World
An RP based in the world of Full Moon, a spin off from the D20 system adapted for forum use. Perfect World is the fifth and final installment after the Tales of Chanbara saga in flux with the DnD and D20Modern games.
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Druid Quest
A d&d rp. Still open.
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The Chronicles Of Asletian
The Great Kingdom of Asletian, in the close of the fourth age, is wracked in grief. Great Plagues sweep the land, and monsters have washed over the castles, now, enter this damned and fallen land and survive, be it by blade and bullet, wit and guile or by coin and favor.
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Adventures of Mundus
Mundus is a land of many adventures, mysteries, and men, mer and beasts alike. Don't expect anything except the unexpected. Are you a Dragonborn from Al'Teiys? Or perhaps a dwarf of Froestig? Maybe a Tiefling, shunned in Findela? Who or whatever you are, Mundus is the place to craft your own story, and create a masterpiece.
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D&DFree for all Roleplay
A free for all Role play, can take place anytime, anywhere. The world is called Eltheras.
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