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The Dynasty Alliance
This forum is designed for people who wish to network and share a love of Dynasty Warriors and Romance of the Three Kingdoms. I have and intend to continue making posts which help people grow as writers. I also have the guidelines for a future role play. One big rule: NO DRAMA ALLOWED! Otherwise, join us and have fun!
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Koei Collection Army
Anything made by the Koei gaming company, ranging from the Sengoku era to the three kingdoms! We'll rp it! So join the wars themselves and enter the fray and forge your own dynasty and legend!
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Discussing Wu
I am very interested to hear peoples opinions on the kingdom of Wu, and it's officers, battles, watnot. you may discuss pairings and debates etc.
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What would you do if you were a DW character? Who would you serve under? Which kingdom would you be in?
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Dynasty Warriors RP
Everything looked dead, so I thought I'd make my own
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How to improve the DW Community - To SN
I know where to start. But if anyone wants advice then come here!
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The First Ever Dynasty Warriors OC RPG Forum!
This is the first ever DW OC RPG forum on this site! I just hope that it works right...Click the link above this summary if you have a DW OC. Hope you all enjoy!
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Gan Ning and Sun Shang Xiang
To all of those who believe that these two should be together! tell me what you think! They just seem like the couple who work! check out my story if you don't believe me
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DW Wu Fans
Talk about things in Wu that you like/dislike, characters in Wu that you like/dislike. Anything about Wu forces...
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Dynasty Warriors
Talk about Dynasty Warriors and the three kingdoms
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Dynasty Warriors Vs Sengoku basara Vs Samurai Warriors
Three nations Han, (Dynasty Warriors) Herashi,(Sengoku Basara) Nonoway, (Samurai warriors) Well battle it out who will win wich nation will you choose what will you face who will you fight and how would you lead. (Canon claim aloud Godmoding)
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The Kessen forum
A forum for the spin off/associated game series Kessen.
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So, who do we think makes a good yaoi couple?
Exactly what the title says. Comments?
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The Dynasty Warriors Writer's Alliance
Regardless of your personal preferences, everyone who's a serious writer and a fan of Dynasty Warriors is welcome!
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Dynasty Warriors Fanfiction
What sort of Dynasty Warriors fanfiction do you like to read? What do you look for in fanfiction? Are there any fanfiction ideas that you'd like to see more of?
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Eternal Warriors
How was my Koei fanfiction? I welcome suggestions for sequels.
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Dynasty warriors
talk about everything dynasty warriors
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Dynasty Warriors 4 Life
Talk about anything dealing with DW. Enjoy
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Class Time Fic
Any ideas for me about this fic ...? Post them here ...
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All about Zhen ji and Zhang he
I want to know what people think about this couple and if you know any stories on them tell me
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Wu Camp Grounds
The place to chill and talk about Dynasty Warriors. Please, take your shoes off before you enter
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Dynasty Elements
Which element should each Dynasty Warrior get? Please share your ideas here. Thank you to everyone who does share.
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Sun Ce and Da Qiao fans
so, what do all you dynasty warrior lovers say about the CeandDa pair? What are your views about this pairing? Good? Bad?
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The Shu Alliegance
A forum dedicated entirely to Shu the kingdom from Dynasty Warriors. Feel free to discuss characters, pairings, fics and also debate these topics so long as they are all Shu characters.
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The Wu Allegiance
This is for all the Wu people out there!
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