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Earthbound RP
A roleplay room based upon the Mother/Earthbound Series.
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You know you've played too much EarthBound when
Just another "You know you've watched/played/read too much insert work of fiction here when..." forum. I'll start: You give some trash to the local nerd and expet a gun out of it all. You give your girlfriend a frying pan, and when she asks you why,
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Oh, we might as well have some.
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EarthBound: The Perpetual Adventures
Discussion about my fanfic, EarthBound: The Perpetual Adventures.
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Imperial Center
Gather the minions of Stickn'IT and discuss the destruction of the Star Fox fandom. If you are a resident of Earthbound it is not too late to turn away.
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Magypsies, lol
Magypsies! Come on, let's discuss the pink-haired transvestites that make Mother 3 that little bit more awesome!
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Ness doesn't love Paula
This is the forum of TRUTH! The title is the truth! THE TITLE DESCRIBES THIS FORUM!
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