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The Mother Series Forum: Take Two!
Remember the Mother Series Forum? Yes? No? Either way, it's back, and it's here to stay! Venture through the eccentric, humorous and even dark world of Mother! Don't forget your Mr Baseball Hat! B@ING! In desperate need of moderators and members! Is going through some renovation!
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Earthbound RP
A roleplay room based upon the Mother/Earthbound Series.
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You know you've played too much EarthBound when
Just another "You know you've watched/played/read too much insert work of fiction here when..." forum. I'll start: You give some trash to the local nerd and expet a gun out of it all. You give your girlfriend a frying pan, and when she asks you why,
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Oh, we might as well have some.
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EarthBound: The Perpetual Adventures
Discussion about my fanfic, EarthBound: The Perpetual Adventures.
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Imperial Center
Gather the minions of Stickn'IT and discuss the destruction of the Star Fox fandom. If you are a resident of Earthbound it is not too late to turn away.
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Magypsies, lol
Magypsies! Come on, let's discuss the pink-haired transvestites that make Mother 3 that little bit more awesome!
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Ness doesn't love Paula
This is the forum of TRUTH! The title is the truth! THE TITLE DESCRIBES THIS FORUM!
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immotal luv luvRs!
dis if fur fanz of my fanflicon onlee! NO HATEERSS PLZ! Da only tru parring is Nessica X Poo! DO nut shap Poo wih anyone elsne becaus e he ix mah boyfreind and huzbanz!
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Ask Ness(Earthbound) And Steve(Minecraft) anything
Hey Guys it Ness and Steve we doing Q&A Put questions and ask us.
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Family Newbie
Family was never your thing, ever since you were only a mere child. A child who wasn't taught the importance of love. Yet it's not like you can just throw four children out the window like your usual problems.
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