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Enigma of Oblivion
Sometimes life would be a lot easier if the past was forgotten. Here, however, it is remembered. Here, we make history. Here, we make legends. Daedric Cabbage not included in wacky RPs. Skyrim/Oblivion based.
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Skyrim: Light shall Find it's way
You should all know what to do
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Skyrim Roleplay (Solstheim)
Realistic roleplay, as in you can't rp like you play the game. A meteor had hit Skyrim and destroyed the Throat of the World, Whiterun, Riverwood, and the surrounding areas. This rp has moved to Solstheim, so if you plan to join, hopefully you know a little something about the DLC Dragonborn, if not, we can help you out. I or one of my mods can answer any questions you have.
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The Elder Scrolls: Time Unending
It has been ten years since the fall of Alduin, though things are not as peaceful as the inhabitants of Tamriel had hoped. Tensions are high in every province, with everyone wondering what time will have to offer them next. (Feel free to join for RPing fun!)
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Elder Scrolls, Those in Power RP
Alduin has returned to devour the world of Tamriel, Vampires are plotting to block out the sun, an ancient tyrant seeks to escape his prison to enslave the people, and that's just scratching the surface. The events of Skyrim are just the beginning. Children of the DAedra and Daedra have appeared, surviving Dwemer have been found throughout their cities, the Mythic Dawn has returned, and more!
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The Master of the House
Slight AU in which only men go to war with the Aldmeri Dominion which causes the High King to make a strange proclamation which many men and women with...a little extra have rejoiced. Proclamation inside. M-rated rp, don't like, don't join.
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The Hope of Freedom ( An Elder Scrolls RP)
The Hope of Freedom takes place in Skyrim and follows my OC Cassandra Frozen-Blood and her companions(Your OC's) and their quest to end the Falmer take over of Skyrim. Submit your RP OC's and lets take back Skyrim! WE ARE LOOKING FOR NEW MEMBERS as of 1/4/14
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Black As Ash
After a year of running this forum, I'd like to thank all participants in their help in making this forum come alive. - In Skyrim, many opportunities arise for Honor, Gold, and Faith. Some are easier to see than others, and many are deadly. Create a character and delve into the words of the role play as you immerse yourself within the story. ***NEW*** User created Saga, Black As Ash
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Elder Scrolls: Time Wound
It is the 4th Era, year, 200. The Great War has drawn to a close and the White Gold Concordat has been signed. With the civil war rearing its ugly head...no one would suspect dragons to appear. Let alone a large gate way erected within the wastelands of the Pale. What could it mean?
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Elderscrolls: Across Tamriel
A series of Elder scrolls rps, Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim.
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Skyrim: A New Age
A new age has risen! Delve into the realm of skyrim we all know and love. And save Nirn from a new, unknown force of evil
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What the Greybeards Didn't Teach You: A Skyrim RP
History has lied to Skyrim and the Dwarves never died. While Skyrim hid from the returning dragons, they built up an army. Now they're attacking the people of Skyrim. Will they conquer all, or will Skyrim prevail?
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The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim
Come and join the Skyrim rp! Create your own character and have adventures with friends, strangers, enemies, or whomever you choose!
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Alduin's reign
What if the dragonborn died in the final battle with Alduin? Will new heroes emerge from the shadows, or will the world be destroyed?
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Elder Scrolls: Daedric War
After the events that ended the civil war in Skyrim and the defeat of the threat of Alduin the Dragonborn disappeared to live a normal life. Now a few years later thanks to everything that has happened the Daedric princes have started to war amongst themselves and everything is rapidly racing towards a battle that could cause the destruction of everything. Everyone must rise together or fall one by one. Please join the battle for not just Skyrim but for all of Tamriel. Now open and active as of 11/23/16
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As the Fifth Era dawns, Fear escapes into the minds and hearts of mer, men, and beast folk alike, and as they traverse, they must learn to trust friends, be weary of enemies, and continually be watchful of those they pray to. An Elder Scrolls RP that focuses on all the provinces of Tamriel.
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Elder Scrolls: Rouge Alliace
Takes place after the fall of Alduin. With Alduin dead, the Civil War dealt with, Harkon destroyed, Miraak impaled, Skyrim's Guilds under his control, end even after becoming the champion of each of the Daedric Princes the Dragonborn thought that he'd finally get a chance to hang up his blade. Oh, how wrong he was.. When a new force threatens Skyrim, Dovahkiin finds that even he can't defeat it on his own. New alliances must be forged and old hatreds forgotten if Skyrim is to ever have a chance at being fre
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The Elder Scrolls: Divine (Skyrim Roleplay)
The year is 4E 201. Rumors of dragons have been surfacing. Skyrim is divided. Morrowind is destroyed. Only the Dragonborn can stop this. (Skyrim Roleplay / RP , Canons and OCs)
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The War Against Sanguine
A cult that follows the Daedric Prince Sanguine has risen and started to attack many villages in the name of their lord. In the aftermath of these attacks survivors will band together to defeat this threat.
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Empire of Tamriel has been at peace for over three hundred years, and every kingdom has been in prosperity. They live in their cities, towns, villages, and other small places with the thought of peace. However an evil sorcerer has decided this peace has made everyone soft, and decided that the Emperor needs eliminated. So that the deadra may over take the Empire. Can they stop the Sorcerer before everything plummets into oblivion, or will they die in valiant combat trying desperately to save their home? Ran
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Elder Scrolls RP (Dragon Crisis)
The year is 4E 201, during the events of the game Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. You can RP in any province, but bear in mind that Skyrim is the focus.
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Skyrim RP Forum
Since most of the RP's are dead i decide to make this.
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Skyrim: Of Aedra and Daedra
War brews once again in Skyrim, a war not of men and elves, but of saviors and monsters.
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World of Skyrim
Create a character and roam the ranks of Skyrim with other role-players.
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The Skyrim Forum
Come and explore the world of Skyrim. Be a warrior or maybe a their.
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