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Requiem From After The War
After the war, there was peace, but only for a short time. What the people didn't know is that the demons were cooking up a master plan to wipe them all out, but this time, it isn't only the demons. This is your story now, you create it now.
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Coming together and Helping Out
The place where members of the Elsword community come to hang out and discuss fanfiction ideas and get together for collabs and stuff. Come here to chat, discuss in-game events, receive motivation, ask for story help, and just to have a good time in general.
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Elsword Role Playing Guild
Role playing guild for bored people who like Elsword.
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Infinite Tears
This is a place to vent out the griefs that plague everyone's computers. This problem may be being unable to launch your graphics client, unable to re-install your game, or your on your hand-held & you're unable to get on your computer. No matter what the reason may be for you coming, we will catch your infinite tears
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Elsword Fanfiction Writers Union
This is a Forum where you can post your ideas for the Elsword Fanfiction site! We will discuss future events for the Elsword Fanfiction site here as well, so please join! You can also post your troubles about your stories, help for new ideas, or maybe just chat and take a break from all the writing. :)
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Elsword Fanfiction: Authors and Fans Alike
This is the backup of the original forum just in case all hell rises and we can't maintain control over it. This is just in case, do not spam posts here.
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