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Fable 3 RP
A RP for all canon characters and all types of OCs.
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Albion Needs You
In a time where heroes are believed long gone, Albion struggles to find its identity with the industrial revolution looming. (Takes place between fable 2-3)
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Fable trilogy RP
play through all eras of the Fable universe starting from Fable going to Fable 3.
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Fable storys
You're in the world of Fable, but what are you, a hero, civilian, or villian. Create your character and have fun.
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The Tales of The Heroes
Fable RP anyone? Choose your own hero, and fight to make your name in the world of Albion. What secrets will you uncover? Who will live? Who will die? In the end, your actions shall save or destroy the world we fight in.
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Reaver: The Hero of Skill
A place to talk about everybody's favourite charming pirate lord. Role-playing welcome!
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Fable War of the Void Invite Only
Years after the events of Fable III the forces of the void are stirring. The Seer Theresa has seen this and knows only the decesndants of the greatest (or infamous *cough* Reaver *cough*) can save the world.
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Albion's Legend: A Fable Forum
A nice little forum for game help or just debating... Or whatever else you feel like!
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The Legends of Albion: Those of Steel and Fire
From the times of old, Heros have protected Albion. Create your own destiny in either the original Fable, TLC or Fable II. What happens is up to you.
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Rise From the Ashes (Fable RP)
Set after Fable 3. Plot included!
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Any more Nonhero OC's out there?
In my 'Back Off, Hot-Shot' fable fanfic, I have a character named Belle, who is not the hero of the game. Just wanting to meet some more writers with a character or two who isn't also the Princess/Prince of Fable III.
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Fable 2
This is a forum about Fable 2. I will keep you guys updated on any new Fable 2 information. Please remember though, nothing posted on this site is "for sure" in the game. This is just what we have found or heard. Thank you! Have fun!
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Tale of a deadly hero
Ok, this is a Fable RP. Make your character, play in a roleplay, chat about Fable, you can even create your own roleplay topics.
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Hall of Heroes
The King decrees that this day, the Academy of Heroes will be opened to the public eye.
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Fable Story Challenges
Let's see who has the best story under my tasty themes.
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Fable: A hero's tale
When heroes are no longer born, and cannot be forcefully made, it is time to search... A Fable RP.
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What do you think? Fable Forum
Share your thoughts on the Fable games, things you'd like to see in stories, favourite Fable characters, etc.
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Fable 2 or 3 Roleplay?
I've recently been wanting to get into and RP Fable, and here is my own little section where we can :3
English - Topics: 1 - Posts: 1 - Since: 05-09-14 - Admin: Ellenyx
I will update my story soon
Its hard to find the time somtimes
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Story Completed!
My forum for fanfics; talk about Fable fanfics here.
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Your Heroes
Disscus the appearance, alignment, weapons, and experience levels of your Heroes. Share tips and tricks.
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Um Storyline Please?
I... need a little help here. I have no idea what the storyline for Fable 2 is. Can someone post it here? A quick summary is all I need...
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Fable 2 discussion
Just a place to discuss Fable 2, or the fanfics written about it.
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The Three Heroes
A place where you can discuss and debate about the three heroes from Fable II
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Heroes of AlbionRP
Strenght, Skill or Will? How does your hero fight and for good or for evil? Do you crave a life of adventure or would you rather slay the beasts and be home in time for dinner? Come in and RP! Or maybe chat! Are you a Hero of Albion?
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