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Fable 3 RP
A RP for all canon characters and all types of OCs.
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Fable: Invasion of the Void
Years have past since the Crawler was defeated by the Hero King. Now a new enemy rises from the Void with an army at its command to destroy Albion once and for all. Create a Hero to take up the fight to defend Albion
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Fable II: Albion in the Mist
15yrs After the events of Fable II A new power has suddenly risen and threatened war on the peaceful settlements of Albion. And the original heroes are being captured by powerful forces. The people of Albion, light & dark must work together to stop a newer greater evil of the Blade of Cults, that has risen to take over the realm of Albion and all it boarders. Heroes & Heroine alike, villains and bandits wanted OC ONLY
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Fable 2 or 3 Roleplay?
I've recently been wanting to get into and RP Fable, and here is my own little section where we can :3
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