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Fallout: The Wicked Wasteland
The Wasteland is a harsh and dangerous place. Riddled with disease and death, those who live in the Wasteland do all they can to survive. The Enclave has been defeated, but there are still forces who work to harm the people of the Wasteland. This is the story of those survivors who rise above it all and fight back against those who would destroy the lives they've built and the lives of everyone else in the Wasteland.
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FallOut3New Vegas RP!
come create a charater and come join the post-apocalyptic world of fallout3!, also now has a New Vegas RP topic
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Falling Out RP
Years have gone by since the Fallout of war. Now look into the tales of those who have survived and their journey to stay alive.
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Fallout: A chance to Start Over
After the bombs fell, what went through everyone's mind at the time was "Oh good, what will happen now?" Two hundred years later and most of the new populace of the world are trying to live to the next day, but others are having the time of their life. How you choose to fit in is your choice.
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Fallout 2296: Reborn
Takes place 15 years after the events of New Vegas (and 9 years after what will happen in Fallout 4 since that game takes place in 2287.) The Enclave has been defeated and now only remains as a few scattered remnants across the country, no longer a real significant threat, but all is not well as an unseen force is readying itself, preparing to make its move, dark plans for the Wasteland. Will their plans fail like the Master's and the Enclave's or will this new threat succeed where they have failed?
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Fallout Worldwide RP
Features threads for roleplays in the Mojave, The Commonwealth, and the Capitol Wastes, as well as DLC places such as the Sierra Madre and the Pitt. Several threads for places not shown in the games, such as Russia and the UK.
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Fallout: The Beginning
Set in April 2257, the events of Fallout 1 & 2 have already come to pass. Come settle down in the Mojave, Capital Wasteland, Commonwealth, or even Far Harbor!
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The Road Less Traveled Upon
A Fallout: New Vegas roleplay involving a set of twin couriers and their adventures after creating an independent New Vegas. Claim a canon or make an OC, all are welcomed to come RP. Please read rules and fill out an OC sheet first. Enjoy! :) Active and looking for RPers!
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AnotherFallout RP
Yes I have decided to make my own forum of Fallout 3. Yay me XD Create your character and travel through the wastelands and create your own story
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OPEN: Fallout RP
Here you may RP from the Capital Wasteland, to the Mojave, all the way to the Commonwealth. No worlds have been changed by any mysterious Lone Wanderers, Sole Survivors, or Couriers in any way, so the wastes are yours to command!
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fallout equestria what the fuck happened
During the end stages of the war the chains and bolts holding Equestria together where strained to a snapping point. Resources where scarce and moral was none existent. Ponys where at each others throat in stead banding together against the zebras. Twilight Sparkle the head of the ministry of magic took it upon herself to find a trump card. She decided to go behind everyone's back and play with magic that should have stayed buried and lost to time. Lets just say she found something or more like somethings .
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Fallout: Welcome Home
There is a new group for RPGing called Fallout: War, War Never Changes. A few of us agreed it would be nice to start a clean slate. Thank you all for joining this group, it's a shame to put it in the archives. If you're interested in RPG, please look for the new group...Fallout: War, War Never Changes. If you can't find it, PM me and I'll send a link. :)
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Fallout:Post Apocalyptic Roleplaying Thread
Join in a post-apocalyptic role playing thread. Make a character and join the fun.
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Fallout RP: West Coast vs East Coast
Welcome to the Wasteland of the Mojave and Washington DC. Band together or stay alone. The mission is the same: Survive.
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Not Another Fallout RP!
Ah, but it is! Come on in and enjoy a slight AU (not much changes, mind you) and places that Bethesda hasn't quite let us visit yet. Quench your thirst for adventure at Nuka... er, the Wastes of the US!
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Fallout: Vices and Virtues v2
Closed indefinitely.
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Fallout Role Play
War never changes...stories do, shaped by those that tell them.
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Fallout: Michigan
(Private RP) Michigan - The Wolverine State and part of the former Great Midwestern Commonwealth Of America - was ravaged like the rest of the world by nuclear fire. Like the rest of the American Wasteland, its people have done their best to rebuild and carve a new life for themselves. Within this territory however, much like the rest of the Wasteland, it is a battleground for a war between civilizations seeking to leave their mark on the world. Which will prevail and how will your choices affect the world?
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Fallout: Wasteland Outland
The End of the World is quick, but it's the apocalypse that is long lived. The year is 2289. Along the Ohio River, life found it's own way to continue on after the bombs fell. Cincinnati, is one of these places. All across the wastes, a trade hub of gunners, scavengers,and Ghouls fought hard to protect their home against the perils of the wastes. The stories of the Wastelands are many and only time will tell if this one will thrive or wash away like so many before.
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Fallout 3: Days Gone By
The vault kid...is gone, the GECK never found. As the people of the Capital wastes battle day in and day out for survival one soon has to ask...whats the point? If the radiation does not kill you..mutants and raiders will.
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Fallout Rp
Fallout Rp have fun
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Fallout Ultimate RP Fourm
In a Universe where The Lone Wanderer and The Courier are dead, Other Heroes and Villains are there to take their place
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Fallout New Vegas RP: Enjoy Your Stay
Roleplay throughout the Mojave Wasteland and New Vegas. Takes place during the game, before the Second Battle for Hoover Dam.
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Fallout: Survive Play Enjoy
"The Wasteland. Only the strong or resourceful survive. Because...War...War Never Changes". This general/ RP forum will span across the entire continental US, allowing for all of Fallout's storylines. Hangout, play and enjoy.
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War:Of Freedom Bells and Liberty Hell
War...it's something that all beings know. Whether it be a battle for territory among animals or a never even slaughter for resources. War is something as old as time itself and war...war never changes. Private Forum, using for test run.
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