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Fallout: The Wicked Wasteland
The Wasteland is a harsh and dangerous place. Riddled with disease and death, those who live in the Wasteland do all they can to survive. The Enclave has been defeated, but there are still forces who work to harm the people of the Wasteland. This is the story of those survivors who rise above it all and fight back against those who would destroy the lives they've built and the lives of everyone else in the Wasteland.
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Falling Out RP
Years have gone by since the Fallout of war. Now look into the tales of those who have survived and their journey to stay alive.
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Fallout Worldwide RP
Features threads for roleplays in the Mojave, The Commonwealth, and the Capitol Wastes, as well as DLC places such as the Sierra Madre and the Pitt. Several threads for places not shown in the games, such as Russia and the UK.
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Fallout 2296: Reborn
Takes place 15 years after the events of New Vegas (and 9 years after what will happen in Fallout 4 since that game takes place in 2287.) The Enclave has been defeated and now only remains as a few scattered remnants across the country, no longer a real significant threat, but all is not well as an unseen force is readying itself, preparing to make its move, dark plans for the Wasteland. Will their plans fail like the Master's and the Enclave's or will this new threat succeed where they have failed?
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OPEN: Fallout RP
Here you may RP from the Capital Wasteland, to the Mojave, all the way to the Commonwealth. No worlds have been changed by any mysterious Lone Wanderers, Sole Survivors, or Couriers in any way, so the wastes are yours to command!
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Fallout: Welcome Home
The end of the world isn't necessarily the end, and although the Wasteland is reeking of starvation, disease and death there are those who look to change the world as they know it and make a difference; but some not so much. Who are you in this post-war world? From vault dweller to a Paladin in the Brotherhood of Steel, you are able to play out your life as a survivor of the Apocalypse. NO LONGER ACCEPTING. Will be accepting in the near future.
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Not Another Fallout RP!
Ah, but it is! Come on in and enjoy a slight AU (not much changes, mind you) and places that Bethesda hasn't quite let us visit yet. Quench your thirst for adventure at Nuka... er, the Wastes of the US!
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Fallout: Vices and Virtues v2
Closed indefinitely.
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Fallout RP Two Point Oh
The Great War has ended and the world went out with a bang! Come RP with your friends!
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Fallout Role Play
War never changes...stories do, shaped by those that tell them.
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Fallout Rp
Fallout Rp have fun
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Fallout Ultimate RP Fourm
In a Universe where The Lone Wanderer and The Courier are dead, Other Heroes and Villains are there to take their place
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Fallout: Itiner
I want to create a Fallout Roleplay that allows people to come in and enjoy writing, have a good time, make new friends. I want this to stimulate your creative senses and open you up to another perspective of a game that we all enjoy and love. So come in friends, join us. It only gets better from here.
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The Outcasts: The Final Chapter
With the Enclave reinforced after Project Purity, and the Super Mutants actually strengthened by President Eden's virus, the Brother hood and the Outcasts have been completely decimated. Being part of a detachment that was headed to Northern Arizona, a handful of us survived. But know we need to keep surviving. As far as I know, we are the last Remnants of the Brotherhood. We are the Last Chapter.
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Midnight Music: A Fallout Forum
Just another f*cked up, mixed up forum where people are posting random shenanigans. Soon to have Fallout 4 options for roleplays. Keep an eye out Moderators & Owner bite. Enter at your own risk.
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Fallout: Wasteland Stories RP
The rich, irradiated world of Fallout never ceases its bloodshed and war. Civilizations rise and fall, Raiders loot and pillage, and Heros rewrite the stories of old and new. What shall become of you, will you fall into the depravity and ruthlessness that molds this world, or will you strive to lead civilization anew!
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Fallout RP, 2287
Realistic Fallout RP with branches for the East Coast, West Coast, and a Midwest with Chicago as the main city. Set in 2287, will touch on Massachusetts and aspects of Fallout 4.
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Home Sweet Commonwealth
Welcome one and all to the glorious wasteland! Filled to the brim with things that want to bite your giblets off, how will you survive? Set in the year 2288, canon charas available along with OCs. All four factions are still alive and well.
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Fallout Fallen Heroes (Closed)
On April 3, 2380 the Wasteland is forced into mayhem when a group of people massacre a large town that had over two hundred citizens. After the incident, this group attacks factions such as the NCR and Brotherhood of Steel, leading to every major faction being forced to enlist the help of anyone that can help. But this group won't be put down. Not without a war at the very least.
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fallout new vegas RP
Welcome to new vegas! Gambling, dreams of wealth and nuclear radiation abound! An rp in post apocalyptic New vegas. What would happen if the courier could not survive the shooting? Find out here.
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Mojave, Mo' Problems
In the Mojave Wasteland, times are tough, and many have fallen prey to less than reputable occupations. Will our heroes succumb to this desire, or will they walk a nobler path? Invite only.
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Fallout : Oregon Wasteland RP
5 years after the events of Fallout : New Vegas. Survivors, drifters, and wasters have flocked to Oregon after Independents took over and kicked out the NCR, BoS, and the Legion from the Mojave. Come and join!
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fallout equestria what the fuck happened
Around 6 or 7 months before the end of the war sompony was playing with magic that should have been left buried. Well the results were equestria got some new visitors . Unlike ponys these bipedal creatures were very violent and aggressive and seemed to like war. They had a war much like our own but they used new ne nuclear weapons. They didn't have magic so they compensated with there advanced technology. Now worriers from there world are fighting for equestria for the right price of course
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Fallout Stories
The year is 2281. Over 200 year since the bombs fell, turning the land of the United States into the remnants of the great country it once was. This forum follows the adventures of those surviving the nuclear burnt lands of the wasteland, surviving against the horrors it created and living in it's harsh conditions. Working as a group, or by yourself, can you survive?
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Free Fallout
This is just a fun place to hangout and RP. The LW was never born, the courier died at good springs and The sole Survivor died invault 111. Instead their roles were filled by the brave and some times sinister inhabitants of the wasteland, BoS soldiers, minutemen, regulators, mercenaries and the such. Have fun and enjoy your time here.
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