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Fatal Frame RP!
Anyone interested in RPing FF?: As you enter, you're part of the RP! You can RP as YOUR OWN character! First, start with the info of your character, and you can RP with other people! but dont forget to make its relationship with a REAL character in FF!
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Fatal Frame
This is about anything on Fatal Frame the game and movie. Join in and discuss and there are no rules for this besides the Fan Fiction rules. So enjoy.
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Fatal Frame or Silent Hill? Which is Scarier?
Discuss all your opinions here! And whatever experiences, knowledge, cheats, spoilers, yadda-yadda you wanna share with everyone about these two games. .....WHICH IS SCARIER!
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Tatooed Crimson Rope Marks
A forum where you can share FF media, like wallpapers, Screensavers, music videos, cutscenes and downloads.
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Fatal Frame night cafe
Tired running from ghost and afraid to sleep at night becuase the curse. Well this is the place to waste the night. Everyone is welcome to join in and have a seat for a while, No beer serve here. Only coffee
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Fatal Heartattack
Sit down,relax,and tell us your first timeheartattack with this game. Your screams are welcome. Warning:May cause hotflashes, highblood pressure, and nightmares.You were warned.
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Scariest Ritual
Out of the three games, which ritual do you think was the scariest? For me, the worst on was the Stangling Ritual in Fatal Frame 1. Which was the scariest one for you?
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