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The Final Fantasy I-VI RP Forum!
An RP forum for Final Fantasies one through to six! Roleplay as your OCs (and your favorite FF characters) in 6 different RPs! Please refer to the Forum Rules, Character Sheet and Character Claim before roleplaying. FFIV RP very active and it'd be great to have other Roleplayers in the RPs I, II, III, V and VI!
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Imperial Palace
Enter the Imperial Palace for games, writing challenges, prompts, reviews and more. Be inspired, get some reviews, make friends, and find a cure for writer's block. All FF fans welcome!
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Red Wings, Troian Dancers, and FFIV Addicts
Discussions about anything related to Final Fantasy IV: favourite characters, pairings, memorable moments, et cetera.
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Final Fantasy RP
Unfortunately, I've closed this RP. Sorry everyone.
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Final Fantasy Rp
Welcome to the world of Crystalaria, a completely new universe to Final Fantasy. This universe combines the best of the the old with some of the new into one. A world where high adventure and Dark plots await. *Private*
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Final Fantasy I to VI
This is a forum for discussing the first six Final Fantasy games, since most people are only interested in the later ones. So come on in, these games need some love too!
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Summon's Call: Cite of Spirits
Where did the Summons truly come from? We know them from a hundred stories, with different people, at different times. The terrible truth is that they were born at the end of a story, with the end of a people, in the end times of Senick.
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Fans of Final Fantasy VI
Discuss anything that pertains to FF6, including favorite characters, favorite pairings, most memorable moments in the game, favorite FF6 fanfics, etc.
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Rydia: Heart and Heartache Discussion
NO STORIES POSTED HERE. This is a discussion forum for whatever about my Rydia fan fiction. Spam, flaming, etc. will not be tolerated.
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Final Fantasy VI : A Complete History BackGround
You wanna know what Final Fantasy VI was suppose to be like? Or the timeline guide, or maybe even about Figaro's back story? Than come in here and read it all! Character guides up as well.
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FF6 Favorite Pairings
yaoi, yuri, or anything kinky please.
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For the DS FFIII!
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Final Fantasy: Reign of Chaos Video Game
I am currently creating a sequel to the first ever Final Fantasy. It will be a playable video game, created with RPG Maker XP. I need fresh ideas for my game to be the best it can be, so please join in!
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Final Fantasy Quotes
What are some of your favorite Final fantasy Quotes? Put the name too please! :
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Too much gold
on the at times laughably large somes of treasure a charachter can make in the games, specificly 4 and 6, and the possiblety for a spoof based on that issue.
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Battle Fantasy
Category chosen because it has the broadest Final Fantasy reach. A forum for picking the Final Fantasies to pieces, or defending your favorite's flaws.
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The Final Fantasy V Board
A forum about anything having to do with Final Fantasy V. Feel free to discuss your favorite stories, characters, pairings, or anything else having to do with the game.
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A Soul in Termoil
A fourm based on Celes Chere from Final Fantasy VI. You can bring any of your discussions about Celes character, personality, relationships and anything that really has to do with her in general here.
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FFIII Game hints
Share your hints so life shall be a little easier.
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Final Fantasy VI:And A Pirate! Discussion
Owned by FFfanboyX:This forum is, at the time of this summary's creation, for feedback on my upcoming story FFVI:And A Pirate!. At the moment, you can tell me what you want to see in it. Later, it will also be to discuss the story after it's posted.
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Do you Like what you See?
Do you like what you so far for the Final Fantasy I novelization. I just want to know if you like it or not and should I continue...Please give me your views to a new guy on the site. I need to know what to improve on and what not to. Thanks.
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Luneth x Refia Club
While stuff like Arc x Luneth and Desch x Refia is all good, I believe Refia x Luneth needs more love. Are you a fan of the pairing? Come here to discuss all things Refia x Luneth! Just no bashing of this or any other couple!
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the cid continuum connecting the worlds of final f
I'm sure most who've played more than one final fantasy game have noticed the many similarities in their worlds I'm looking for ways to connect them together.
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Questions That Shall Be Answered About Final Fanta
Okay. So. Who do YOU, the people of the ENTIRE world, think is the most Kick-ass? Who Do You Think Is The Most...je ne sais quoi...hot? Who is the most Evil? The Prettiest? And Of Course: Who has the greater weapons choice? All These you all should answer
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The Great Final Fantasy III RP!
Well, since I haven't seen one, here it is! Want to Roleplay as your favorite canons? Want to be your own OC in the Floating Continent or the World of Darkness? Show your RP love for Final Fantasy III whether it be with the Onion Kids or the DS heroes!
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