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The New FFTA2 RP
It's... yet another Final Fantasy RPG. Call dibs on canon characters. Invent clever OCs. Pull a couple of amusing NPCs out of your hat to putter about. Construct a wacky plot. Lose that pesky last bit of sanity. Spoiler alert: Ultima destroys everything.
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FFTA2 Talk!
First FFTA2 Forum. Mind for a talk?
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FFTA2: Sol Sanctum
After Luso returned home, everything just...went back to normal. The clan wars had calmed, and the threat of an uprising had dispersed. So...why did we not feel safe? The night Lezaford died, he left us with a message: "They are coming...and they are angr
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Since the old forum seemed to be falling down in disuse, I made another . anyways, i welcome every one to use it...
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