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Legendary Search RP
An RP with the search for the Avyuir Blades from "The Hero Gaol" as its main plot. Please read through all forum topics before participating in the RP. Then, let us begin our epic quest to seek the Avyuir Blades! Now includes an Aisen 13 RP!
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My first forum. need users
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Ivalician Battlefields
FFTA based Roleplaying forum, in the style I grew up with. :D Get into character, come on in and prepare for some battles! Even if you've roleplayed before, read the rules here. I use a different set than what you may be used to.
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The All Purpose FFTA Forum
Anything concerning FFTA and Fanfiction is welcome here. Doubles as a place to exchange writing tips, give critique, or just a place to hang around and chat. We've formed a community and we have a lot of fun.
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Yup, you guessed it it's another FFTA RPG. Make up OCs, maybe even take the Canon chars. Have fun, Kupo!
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School Tactics Advance forum
This is a place for ideas for quest, job classes and just to tell me what you think of the story School Tactics Advance if you're shy to write a review! Anyone can come in, so why not you come in and have a cup of tea or something and chat or stuff.
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Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Another's Story
This is for discussing anything to do with my first official fanfic. It can be anything from potential plotlines to clearing up loose ends that you didn't quite understand.
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cheesy nostrosand your mom
who cares?
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Final Fantasy: Moogle Advance
FFTA in heya. Anyone got a soda?
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Lawful And Lawless
Come give commentary and critique to sweet Nu Mou lovin's here.
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This is what happens when you love Ritz
Wow, that was a stupid title... Uh... FFTA boredness are acceptable here.
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Final Fantasy: Tactics Advanced OC's
Talk about your OC if you have any. Please put them under the designated section. All others, please comment on them and give some advice if any. If you need help on an OC, then ask away.
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Marche and Ritz Forever
MarcheXRitz Forever!
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hard batles
this is where you talk about your hardest batle in ffta it dosent have to be a boss battle
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If you think each character has a couple who do you think it will be...
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Gamer's Universe
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Writer's Tactics
What type of character would you be what race, age, job, appearance, skills, level, clan, and personality would you have? Is there a type of race you like or a character from the game? talk about it all here in character if you want as if you live in Ival
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