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Final Fantasy VII RPG
The unknown heroes from all walks of life- We are the ones who fight to protect our world. Sephiroth was nothing in comparison to what we face now. Joins us...
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You know u like FF7 too much when
Are you an FFVII Fan? Obsessed? Then come join us! From Vincent's pointy shoes to your fave bishie, we have it all. Create your own topic and have a great time!
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Tifa or Aerith?
This forum is basically for people to argue over who should get Cloud and which character, Tifa or Aerith, deserves to be bashed. Though in my opinion, I'm severely against bashing fics and love all characters! Happy arguing.
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Final Fantasy 7 RP
Cloud may have found his forgiveness but sins are never atoned for. Sephiroth and Shinra left destruction behind but the worst is yet to come.
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The Highwind Academy
This forum is actually an RP, based on my idea for the Fanfic, Highwind Academy! Using your OC's, along with other characters, we'll make a group fic to remember, plus, get helpful tips in between parts of the story.
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Viva La Reefie
Are you interested in the little wonder that is Reeve/Yuffie, insane enough to put up with us, and proficient user of Goblintongue? Then, why don't you join us? As a bonus, we have delicious - stolenbutohwell- cookies.
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Final Fantasy VII RP
Have a good time Rping in the FVII world! Come join!
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Cloud and Aerith's Love Story
As the title says, this forum is about the Love Story of Cloud and Aerith... so, feel free to open up any topics concerning the couple.
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Final Fantasy VII:Reunion
Name may change, open to suggestions. RP FFVII style here, in 2012 since every other ones dead! Live life in this world and perhaps meet the gang from AVALANCHE.
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Final Fantasy Fanatics
Love Final Fantasy? Obsessed? So are we. Come in to discuss your favorite pairings, characters, theories, Advent Children and anything Final Fantasy in general! Now accepting Kingdom Hearts topics and OMG! We can now RP too!
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Yaoi Couples: What works and what don't
This is a place to discuss your favorite couples! And anything else that relates to them... Enjoy!
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And so we meet only to fall in hate?
What pairings do you hate? I will not tolerate bashings of any sort. If you don't like a specific pairing, I want a clear and easily understood reason. And remember folks...it's all opinion.
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Final Fantasy VII Roleplay!
OCs welcomed! Following the timeline of Final Fantasy VII beginning with the first game!
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Final Fantasy VII
Dedicated to those with a love for what is one of the best Final Fantasy Games.
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A forum for everything and anything about the Yuffentine coupling...Or occasionally similar couplings, such as Aurikku
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FF7 Story Request Forum
Ever wanted to see a particular pairing in a story? More of a certain pairing? A plot? Anything! Make your requests here!
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Self Insert: A Deconstruction, the Reboot
It is the year 0001 on Gaia and a mysterious phenomenon has occurred, causing several earthlings to spontaneously appear out of nowhere. No one knows how or why. Players decide how they will interact with the world in which they have found themselves. Whether to subvert the timeline, or just go out an have fun. But you still have to figure out what's going on and deal with the repercussions of your decisions.
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Vincent Valintine
A form jest about Vincent Valintine an is he or is he not Setheroths daddy.and other subjects
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Final fantasy VII return of the Cetra RP
A final Fantasy Role playing game for all the FF7 lovers out there!attention the Forum has been restarted a million times better then before so join now!
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SOLDIER: Midgar's Finest
In a world packed with secrets, danger and intrigue, there are those who aspire to be the greatest. Dosed in Mako and ancient cells, SOLDIER are a cut above the rest. Join the 16th Unit of SOLDIER; an elite anti-terrorist and monster hunting task-force. Polish your sword, arm your Materia and get ready to push your limits! (A long-lit RP; no short-posting.)
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Pen vs Buster Sword
A forum for discussing FFVII fanfiction ideas, story plots, canon and etc. from all branches of FFVII. No pairings are discriminated against; it's a free for all, folks. May also be used for requests, theme suggestions, events and challenges.
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Final Fantasy VII Yaoi
A Final Fantasy yaoi forum. Talk about everything from pairings to fanfiction. :
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Final Fantasy VII Junkie
Final Fantasy VII RPGs...NEW 'Walk through' RPG soon to be set up...fancy joining!
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Essence of Advent Children
This is a place to talk in depth about the movie Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. please only post here if you've seen the movie
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This is a place where ispiring FF7 writers and readers can come and toss around a few ideas of what they would like to see happen.
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