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Because We Play Favorites
What are your favorite Final Fantasy XII pairings and characters? Discuss it all here!
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Final Battle Royale
An advanced roleplay for the Final Fantasy universe using the class system, original characters, and battling it out against random fiends and bosses with interesting scenarios.
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FFXII favorites and hatreds
Come here to discuss FFXII character you love and hate! If you include spoilers, please warn before someone reads it!
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War of the Occuria
Heteric Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca. . . you skewed hist'ry's weave. . .wrenched it from we Occuria. . . now, we wrench it from you. . . 'til all you have is mere mem'ry .:FFXII RolePlay:.
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Final Fantasy XII Options Open!
Come and talk about Final Fantasy XII. What's your thoughts on the game? How do you think the storyline will be like? Will it have a VaanAshe happy ending?
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Final Fantasy XII RP
I should really come up with a flashy over the Top Introduction, but here be the thing: It will follow Twelve's story line.
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Final Fantasy XII RPG
Create your own characters and spead time battling marks or just adventuring around Ivalice!
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Final Fantasy XII Yaoi
For everyone that is tired of all the VaanAshe, LarsaPenelo, and all other het pairings! Come and discuss all of your favorite FFXII yaoi pairings!
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The Clan Board
Come here to find weekly challenges for your writing abilities or post your own challenge! Fics are NOT to be posted here and will be deleted. First challenge up!
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Here Our Tales Begin
A forum dedicated to helping others achieve their dreams. Get together and meet people, write better, and discuss your characters. Get good feedback on your stories, and that extra push to get you started writing!
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How does FF12 compare to the rest?
Do you think that 12 is the best so far? Or is there another FF that you think is better?
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FFXII: Tips, Tricks and Suggestions
Talk about everything FFXII here. Stuck? Need help finding a hunt? Want to share your progress? Plot bunnies bothering you? Have a good story to recommend? Come in.
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The VaanAshe Fanclub
For All VaanAshe lovers! Will there be a part for the two in Revenant Wings? Discussions, Contests and voting.
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BaschxFran pairing
Come here to discuss whether or not you like this pairing. Whether you wrote, writing or planning to write one, come and talk about it with others. This is the least popular pairing so come and have a word on it!
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LarsaPenelo Forum
Age differences? No Problem! Larsa is in love with penelo, but will penelo love him back? LarPene fans,come and talk about their future relationship in this board! :0
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General FFXII
a place for real discussion, and i stress the word real. please no fluff. substantial conversation
English - Topics: 1 - Posts: 0 - Since: 06-13-07 - Admin: webofdreams89
Come and speak on your love of this lovely pairing!
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The Fanfiction Fans Final FantasyXII Forum
A forum for everyone who loves writing fanfiction for Final FantasyXII! Support, encouragement etc for fellow fanfiction writers. Discuss your latest project, inspirations, or anything fanfic or Final FantasyXII related here!
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How Do you think Viera reproduce?
We all have our ideas on this subject. C'mon. I know I'm not the only one who asks this. I'm surprised nobody else has had a forum on this subject.
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Final Fantasy Academy
Post FFA ideas and suggestions here!
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I think Ashe doesn't look good with anyone
Title says it all. She uses her marriage ring, and she's very loyal to Rasler. I think that's how we spell his name...? What do you think?
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Ffamran Mid Bunansa
Have anything to share about the Prodigal Bunansa? If you do, discuss it all here.Pairings and spoilers are welcome as well, but please warn before posting spoilers...
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final fanacy help
its for ff12 and i need a LITTLE help
English - Topics: 1 - Posts: 0 - Since: 12-20-07 - Admin: zachi2
BaschAshe Forum
LOOKING FOR HELP! I need ideas on how to get Basch & Ashe together! Make them as creative or/and "suggestive" as you want.
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The Knight and The Dancer
Come in and discuss everything regarding Basch x Penelo.
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