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Final Fantasy XIII 2 RP (Closed)
*Rebooted!* Serah and Noel must go on a journey across time to stop an evil madman named Caius from destroying the time stream, while also on the search for Serah's long lost older sister Lightning, who disappeared and was erased from time itself! Make an OC or take a Canon and join the the amazing journey that is Final Fantasy XIII-2!
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Hands Of Fate and Time: Final Fantasy 13 Two RP
A jouney across time to stop Caius evil plot to destroy time. Can follow the story but also you may add your own twists to the tale. Cannons and ocs accepted. Create new time gates as well to unexplored timeperiods and relive events from the previous game as well if you wish...
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Final Fantasy Notcis&Lightning
We dont exactly follow canon but this is here for all you final fantasy maniacs out there so please join OC always Welcome Rp Is still open
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The World Of Final Fantasy 13
From gameplay to story to characters, discuss all three games here in a variety of topics.
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Final Fantasy XIII 2:Role Play
Come on in to the third FF XIII-2 Forum on , but one to surely be one of the best.
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Let's face it! Putting all the Japanese melodrama aside, we're all concluded to loving Final Fantasy 13, and 13-2. Moogles, It is time to REJOICE!
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Final Fantasy XIII2 DLC
While we're anticipating DLC for FFXIII-2 I was curious as to what you guys would look foward to as DLC. Costumes, Scenarios, Recruitable Characters,etc.
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Any News Updates For Final Fantasy XIII2
You can post any news releases of FFXIII-2 here and discuss about them.
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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Roleplay!
This is actually my very first forum...please treat me kindly! Anyway, this is, indeed, a Final Fantasy XIII-2 roleplay. I don't know how roleplays on this site work, but I like to roleplay 1x1, which means...each person will have a separate topic. Have fun!
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Sweetness of Serah & Noel
Just a sweet oneshot of Noel/Serah from Final Fantasy 13-2. Buut in my way . Hope you guys like!
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