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Final Fantasy XIII, XIII Versus, and Agito XIII
What are the games like? Who kicks more ass? Who are the top pairings? What's going to happen? RPGing welcome! The saying goes, you can only trust no one but yourself. O.C.s, Rantings of fav. characters, and haters welcome! Please enjoy your stay!
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Pairings on FF13
Talk about your favorite pairings! Could be anything! Could be underage love, sibling love, yuri, yaoi, I don't care! Just one thing! Talk about why you like them and such :D One thing though, do not bash people who like a pairing you don't like. They lik
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Final Fantasy XIII:Role Play
Join us in a new Story...
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The Final Fantasy 13 Anything goes forum
Here you can talk about anything that is associated with the game or just post up your list of OCs. You may also RP here as well...just have fun.
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Final Fantasy 13 Rp Forum
Relive the 13 days and the adventure the group of l'cie took... with your own. Become the hunted or even the hunter. Interact with one another and even the actual characters. Decide your fate and Cocoons.
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Final Fantasy 13 Battle Rp Forum
Join in the newest rp forum to hit the FF13 fandom! Create a character and join the main story line and/or the the battle royale! Not advanced? That's ok, we have Beginning and Intermediate classes, so come on in!
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The Thirteen Days
Cocoon or Gran Pulse? L'Cie or PSICOM? Choose your side and explore the world of Final Fantasy XIII in a action-packed Roleplay. Public RP.
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Final Fanatsy 13 Game Play
How was playing thirteen? Do you think it was hard, easy? Was it not linear like the usual final fantasy? Was it the best one so far in the series? Tell your thoughts on the gameplay, characters, storyline.
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Febula Nova Crystallis: FFXIII RP
The New Tale of the Crystal - Choose your side, Pulse or Cocoon, in the Final Fantasy XIII online RP. The fal'Cie are waiting...
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Elite Hope Devotees
Despite the events of the series, Hope is still a misunderstood and disliked character. There are some fans out there of this pairing so come on in! Let's prove that he's not a whiny character to any haters!
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Who is your favorite character from FF13?
Exactly what the title says. :D Discuss topics about Lightning, Snow, Vanille, even Team Nora!
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Final Fantasy XIII-2
Though the game was just announced last month, and we only have one trailer, I am very intrigued by the possibilities of this game. If you feel the same, feel free to come on in and chat it up.
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Fang X Vanille
Love Fang and Vanille? Whether you want to talk about the pairing, beg for reviews or just enjoy a wee bit of banter, this is the place for you!
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Hope x Lightning Forum
This place is created to discuss Hope and Lightning's relationship, it can be romantic, friendship or brother-sisterly! People who only come to bash or people who don't like this pairing are not allowed to post in this community.
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Innocence: HopeVanille
This forum is the place to discuss the cutest and most innocent couple in FFXIII--Hope and Vanille. Come and talk about Hope and Vanille's relationship!
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Final Fantasy XIII information
A place to speak about what you think is going to happen in XIII and about the characters.
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Request, for anyone interested
A story request that I hope will be granted.
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Pairing debate for FFXIII
This forum is to discuss the pairings in FFXIII especially when it comes to Lightning.
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Hopeful Light Forum
For the C2 Community of Hope/Lightning
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FFXIII Couples
Which FFXIII couple do you love the most? From HopexLightning to SnowxSerah. All FFXII fans welcome! Please enjoy!
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what do you think about final fanatsy xiii2
do you think final fantasy xiii-2 will be good or will it suck
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Hope X Light
Anything to do with the C2 community 'Hope X Light'. You can go ahead and post something, the forum would be more than happy to answer!i think?
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Final Fantasy XIII Fanfiction
Talk about Final Fantasy XIII. Suggest fanfictions. Discuss the fandom. *No hate!*
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Final Fantasy XIII Game Help?
Need help with something in particular, or just want to chat about the game, join in, and don't be afraid! Share all opinions, or even share how you play the game. Don't be shy t share your thoughts. Even what you love a loath about the game. That's what
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your thoughts and expectations of FF XIII And FF XIV online. Be descriptive and plz, no flamings of either game.--Also, looking for moderators. Volunteers Welcome.
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