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Final Fantasy XV:A New Dawn of Light
Canon/AU Mixture. After the Goddess Etro has restored Eos with life once again, the main line of the Caelum Family is extinguished after Noctis Lucis Caelum sacrificed his life to prevent the Plague of the Stars, but the newly revived council has a family that was distantly related to the Caelum Family. But life in Lucis wasn't the only returned one, Niflheim is also back but it seems somewhat unstable after the death of Emperor Iedolas Aldercapt. Join today as a citizen of either Lucis, or Niflheim,
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Final Fantasy XV: New Blood
Set in the year M.E. 865, 99 years after King Noctis defeated Ardyn and gave his life to restore daylight back to the world. The world has been slowly rebuilding itself from the devastation it suffered from the ten years of endless night and has return to most of its former glory with some areas still working on rebuilding. Things have been tough for the former Kingdom of Lucis though since the loss of the royal family all those years ago and have been trying to find a new ruler to lead them properly.
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The world of Eos
Explore the world of Eos, join the Lucians or the Empire. Play as your favorite characters or create new ones!
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Final Fantasy XV A New Begginning
Following the ending events of Final Fantasy XV the world started to rebuild and change. This is the story of the world after a few years have passed and the world has regained a semblance of normalcy although inevitably things never remain the same.
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What's the Greatest XV Boy Band Ship! Help!
Help! Not only do I not know which guy to ship Prompto with, I don't know which guy ship works the best! Can you help me! Please let me know whether you ship Prompto with Noctis, Ignis with Gladiolus or Prompto with Cor, and why! Go into detail! Solve this mystery for me!
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Final Fantasy XV: Rage For Order
All kinds of FFXV roleplays accepted here, with all eras/plots welcome. Pick a canon, or create your own character!
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