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The Final Fantasy I-VI RP Forum!
An RP forum for Final Fantasies one through to six! Roleplay as your OCs (and your favorite FF characters) in 6 different RPs! Please refer to the Forum Rules, Character Sheet and Character Claim before roleplaying. FFIV RP very active and it'd be great to have other Roleplayers in the RPs I, II, III, V and VI!
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Final Fantasy Rp
Welcome to the world of Crystalaria, a completely new universe to Final Fantasy. This universe combines the best of the the old with some of the new into one. A world where high adventure and Dark plots await. *Private*
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Final Fantasy I to VI
This is a forum for discussing the first six Final Fantasy games, since most people are only interested in the later ones. So come on in, these games need some love too!
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Summon's Call: Cite of Spirits
Where did the Summons truly come from? We know them from a hundred stories, with different people, at different times. The terrible truth is that they were born at the end of a story, with the end of a people, in the end times of Senick.
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