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Fire Emblem Awakening: New Adventures
A Fire Emblem Awakening role play. Have some fun, ok?
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Fire Emblem: Outrealm Outbreak
The Outrealm Gate, a portal through time and space, has gone berserk. Heroes from the past and future are all converging in one time. But why? What force influences the gate to swallow up so many and take them here?
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Fire Emblem Fates RP
Enter a world ravaged in bitter war between the two powerful countries Nohr and Hoshido, join a side and fight for glory, cash in on the battles as a mercenary, or whatever else you'd like! OC-centric, all are welcome : )
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RP - The Awakening of the Emblem Champions
Welcome, all you Champions! Whether you hail from Plegia, from Ylisse, Ferox, or even Valm, you are all fighting under the symbol of the Emblem! Unite as one, and fight!
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Fire Emblem: Warriors through time
Grima the dark dragon, has found out a way to alter time. However this has also shattered the walls between worlds. Now monsters from all over the multiverse has descended on the land of Ylisse. Now the heroes of Ylisse are joined by legendary heroes from across time to stop the end of all time.
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Fire Emblem:Restoration of the Stones
An RP set about 4 or 5 years into the future of Magvel,following the massive earthquake the remains of Grado are split into two new kingdoms Vigarde and Lyon. Following this Magvel has been visited by oversea's church's seeking to repair the damages of the War of Stones,this has led to civil war and massive bandit and pirate activity as Selene has assumed the role of Queen of Vigarde trying to rebuild her nation. Cannons Mandatory,OC's okay crossovers with other Fire Emblem games okay in moderation.
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Fire Emblem: Dream Things
Pretty much anything goes. I don't really care.
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Fire Emblem: Road To Recovery
Hello! Welcome to this RP Forum! This is based on a story I deleted, Road To Recovery. Long story short, RobinxLucina is canon, and their descendants are already made. The world has been all but fallen to a witch named Wiselletta - who uses dark artifacts and power to make herself powerful. Will you follow Exalt Jamesof Frasia, a country on an island Naga shielded from darkness, be a merchant? The choices are almost infinite!
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Halls of Val
Fire Emblem RP-RPG.
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Fire Emblem Fates Roleplay!
A roleplay set in the world of Fire Emblem Fates. You can rp as any original character that you want, just please try to be civil and nice to the fellow members
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Fire Emblem Worlds Colide
Play as any Fire Emblem character or create a new character!
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The city state of Principium is one of ire and conflict. Even its rulers, the First Conglomerate, have a difficult time getting along with each other. New, shadowy threats are starting to lurk around every corner. And soon enough, a new brand of soldiers will need to rise to save the city. Fire Emblem AU RP
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Fire Emblem: Revolution
Set in the dystopian country of Iskia, a band of warriors must work together to overthrow the cruel royal family that forces its citizens into unpaid combat. They'll have to unite the ravaged towns and cities to fight against the capitol.
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Fire Emblem: Reawakening
The story of the army of heroes teaming up to slay the Fell dragon; Grimace. Only, this story is different. Mercenaries, amnesiac Plegian royals, and a band of misfits so wild it's a wonderful how anything gets done.
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Fire Emblem: Fates RP
A century of peace existed after the war between Hoshido and Nohr came to end, and the third kingdom Valla came back on the surface between the two. Though tensions are once again rising in all three kingdoms as war is on the verge of breaking out. There is a new generation of royals and warriors in each of the lands, will they let the flames of war die down or continue fueling the fire and ruin the peace?
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Fire Emblem: Fates Collide
In an odd turn of events, the Outrealm gates have gained an unexplained surge of energy, allowing travel to entire universes as a whole! Explore the Fire Emblem universes (And a few others) as a hero, a villain, or something entirely different.
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Fire Emblem Awakening Roleplay Center
Welcome to the FE:A Roleplay Center! Feel free to message one another and enjoy roleplaying. Forewarning, do not cause any mischief and do not perform any... unnecessary roleplays in the Center here.
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A Dragon's Decree
(Fire Emblem RP) It's been generations since Valla was risen as the third nation dividing Nohr and Hoshido. Over 100 years of peace have divided us from the reign of Anankos, with prosperity and good fortune gracing our lands, the royal sects forming a coalition to maintain the bonds that have kept us strong. And yet, with the birth of three with the power of the First Dragons flowing in their veins... could a force beyond the sky rend us apart once more?
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Fire Emblem Role Playing and Chat Board (The Barracks)
Welcome follow role players. :D It has been awhile since I wrote a story and I think doing a good ol finished rp is just what I need to get back in the writing spirit. Feel free to wander in, kick off your shoes and relax.
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A very random forum I started on New Year's Day because I got bored. More inside.
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Fire Emblem RP
Explore vast lands and beautiful scenery. make love to beautiful women and handsome men. fight for justice or for the forces of evil. come join this forum where none of your dreams will come true...
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Tower of Guidance - A Role Play and Discussion Forum
Welcome to the Tower of Guidance, the Tower that watched over the nation of Tellius during the Goddess Ashera's slumber. Since her defeat the Tower has become a gathering for Ny that enter its doors, the power left behind grants the users to view previous battles or create their own in a fantasy model. If you're mind cannot create that which you desire, perhaps a discussion with fellow travellers or fighters will set your mind at ease, don't forget, the Tower is a place of respect and should be treated as s
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Fire Emblem Questions
If you have any questions about characters, relationships, gameplay, or anything else along those lines.
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Fire Emblem The Scouring
We all know, the details of the scouring, as the eight heroes, went forth, and conquered the dragons. But we never knew how it was like, before death they wrote their adventures in a book called The Scouring.
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FIRE EMBLEM: Refraction
A modern-day Fire Emblem adventure! When a cursed mirror appears within an academy in Tokyo, it links the fantastical land of Fiora to our world of the modern day. With fell armies at risk of destroying the city, it's up to a group of students to take down the threats by utilizing the power of the mystic artifact- the Fire Emblem!
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