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Welcome to the ultimate For Honor roleplaying forum. All canon characters are available and original characters will be accepted. This forum welcomes all For Honor fans, RPers, and fanfic authors that are looking to chat, relax, and RP within this awesome universe that is full of potential :)
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For Honor RP
In the wake of Apollyon's death, the world has resulted to War. Knights, Vikings and Samurai, constantly fighting a desperate battle. The Samurai, Winning in any ranged conflict, The Knights winning with their extreme skill, and the Vikings winning with their brutality. Yet, in the wake and desolate battlefields, some have decided to resist against the conflict - Yet they've found that the inevitability of war was too great, and are now focusing to destroy, and rebuild, the Greatest of Empires.
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After the world seemingly begins to crumble, all that's left is three factions divided, fighting for land and honor amongst their people. The deadliest of heroes, fighting for a cause lost even to them. What might stop them? More war? Who may win? The question is a fight for Knights, Samurai, and Vikings.
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For Honor: Of blood and steel
With the Black Stone Commander dead, the world lies in eternal war. The Olive Legion, Commanded by the Lord Warden, recruits those opposed to the war from all sides, and strive for peace, but lack numbers. The Dragon house of the samurai wage war on the Empress Ayu and the Great Orochi, splitting the land in two. The Leviathan Viking Clan attacks the Warborn, and peace is all but dead. Can you change this, or succumb to the horrors of war? Pick a side
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