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A Project of Sorts
Once upon a time, in a forum far, far, away, these authors got these invitations to the magical kingdom of A Project of Sorts, where they joined forces to write the best Fossil Fighters AU story ever. Civilians can browse through their highly intelligent conversations or perhaps one day even send in ideas and such...and long story short, we will all thusly earn the powers of peace, understanding, and friendship.
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Fossil Fighters of Vivosaur
You like Fossil Fighters? Then come here and battle, interact, dig and clean with others!
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Fossil Fighters: Collaborative
A place to chat, map out ideas, mess around with characters, and more, for the biggest (and also best) collaborative project this fandom – nay, this whole site! – has ever seen! Also we can eat cyber brownies, or something. Come on in! Open to all!
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Fossil Fighters Shippings!
"Shippings" A word created by obsessed fan girls/boys and derived from the word "Relationship", is the belief that two characters, fictional or non-fictional, are in an intimate relationship, have romantic feelings that could potentially lead to a relationship, or have another form of less intimate relationship, which may involve platonic friendship, or even violence. ...Yep, Shippings...Let's make some Fossil Fighter Shippings, Shall we?
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Fossil Fighters Roleplay
Roleplay with the cast from both Fossil Fighters games! Battle with vivosaurs and become the number one Fighter!
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The Best Fossil Fighters Fanfic
This forum is about who has the best fossil fighters fanfic.
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