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Trippin Mc Derp Muffin
A Gears of War Role Play of insanity.
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Gears of War: Broken Cogs
Emergence day... The first time the Locust horde decided to show their ugly faces by climbing from the deepest bowels of Sera... Yet they will not take the surface so easily, be a loyal COG soldier! Or will you join the locust horde to dominate the Serans? The choice is yours...
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Gears of War: Cracked Earth
The Light Bombing of the Locusts didn't do as much damage as originally presumed. Locusts are popping up everywhere, the emergence holes are appearing more and more. Our job, is to shove every ugly ass Locust back into the holes with a grenade.
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Gears of War Untold stories
The stories of the unknown COG soldiers starting from E Day.
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Gears of War Novel Discussion
In depth discussion of the Gears of War novels and other Gears media, as well as general Gears discussion.
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Best GOW Fanfics
Regarding the community of the same name. Come chat about your fav gears fanfics, or about the stunning XBOX 360 title s itself! Gears 3 hopes/predictions, Plot theories&analysis, and frustration at how the game is so coy about its own storyline... every
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Gears of War: Nine Tomorrows
GOW3. For some COGs, fighting the war was simple: kill the locusts, then the lambent. For others, not so much. Create an OC, no canon characters. Title inspired by Issac Asimov's book.
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Gears of War 2: Crimson Cross The Forum
Basically a forum where I post up any ideas or updates relating to "Crimson Cross" and readers can give me feedback or advice on possible subplotlines. Also will have a recommended Story post.
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Alright: a GoW RP forum. It's after the first Gears of War, during the small interval between the first game and the second. You can RP a Gear, a medic, heck, even a Locust. One thing about Locust: RPingn as the human friendly outcast is a huge no. Dead n
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You just got chainsawed!
Well, basically, this is a forum. You post things here. Whether it's random discussions or RPs, It's all good! Unless, you know, it's not good.
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Gears of War I&II RP
Come here to talk about Gears of War or goof off and listen to some guy ranting about it
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Gear of War: The war cont
Forum to give me ideas for my fan fic and help me improve it.
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i would love it if someone made a OC story ofgears right about now
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