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God Eater Explosion: International Branch
God Eaters from around the world gather in this branch. Some fight to protect their loved ones. Some fight as led by their revenges. Some, fight for the game and hunger for Aragami cores. Create your OCs here and let their stories interwine in this Role-Play Forum. (Under Reconstruction: Read 'Rules' thread for more information)
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God Eater Burst Rp
The roleplay when you can take the role of a God Eater, fight Aragami and create eternal bonds...You can choose play as a OC or a canon character. You only have 3 rules to follow: 1. Don't die; 2. If your number's up, get out; 3. Lastly, hide and 4. If you're lucky, catch the enemy off guard and blast it. Oh wait was that four? Anyway, please join!
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God Eater Burst Rp
A (hopefully) small place to Rp with other fans of god eater. Our main goal is to have fun.
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