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Golden Sun Chat
Talk about Golden Sun games and fanfiction. Discuss and promote your stories, debate pairing civilly, talk about game strategies, and more.
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Fellowship of the Sand
For the Lighthouseshippers in all of us! Come in a discuss anything you want, like ideas for stories, suggestions, and even help with plot points. We have a hungry Dullahan and a swimming pool that's been turned to gold. You know, the usual stuff. CLOSED
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Golden Sun Dark Dawn discussion and RPG
For those out there who are looking to discuss the awesome game, or join in on an awesome RPG, come join in on the fun! All are welcome to come join in the fun with the best game ever!
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Todo GoldenSun
¡Desde el primero hasta el último, siempre deseando que haya más GS para jugar!
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The Land of Ice and Fire
A forum dedicated to Prox and its inhabitants: Karst, Menardi, Saturos, Puelle, and the rest. Discussions of Duskshipping, Proxshipping, the fate of Karst and Agatio, and any Prox-related fan fiction you've written are all welcome!
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Harmony of Fire and Earth
While I have seen a Mudshipper's forum, and a Sandshipper's forum, and even a Windshipper's forum, I saw that there was no Valeshipper's forum and saw fit to create one. So, here's one for us Valeshippers.
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Mud bath
Since there isn't one, a forum dedicated to Isaac and Mia. Discuss anything, from game hints to reasons for liking the shipping.
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Fear the Random
Discuss original and creative stories. Share tips, share stories, and share the random.
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The Chronicles of New Vale
A small think tank for ideas for the GS fandom and possibly more in the future. Where all can bounce off those following and also be involved in shaping and offering assistance to the stories you write.
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Golden Sun RPG and Chat!
This is where we can talk about anything about Golden Sun. The RPG is based on the first two installments of the Game series.
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stuck in venus still
ok well i gues it's past time to change my info...but i'm on the second game finally !
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CoWriter Wanted!
Heya, I need a co-writer to help me with Golden Sun: The Maidens of Hope. Details inside.
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Golden Sun Role Play and Chat area (The Look Out Tower)
A fun place to chat and Role Play. :D
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A place for random discussion for us Valeshippers to recommend stories, just talk and celebrate on the canonization of Valeshipping in Dark Dawn!
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Golden Sun Forum!
I just made this to figure out if anyone else is around. If you guys want you can feel free to put links to good stories or anything else here oo
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Golden SunGolden Sun The New Threat
About Golden Sun and The New Threat
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Come and Discuss!
Right... There's something you don't get about the story, you want to rant about how one pairing is better than another then come and discuss
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Fans of the Blond Midget
Ye who love Ivan, UNITE!
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Golden Sun Playground
A place where you can talk about anything & everything Golden Sun. Golden Sun Forever!
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Silver Moon
I totally got obsessed with Golden Sun for a bit, and some fanfics will come of it, but I'd appreciate chatter with folks who have shared the infatuation.
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The Golden Sun Place Of Stuff
Just a small place to go and chat about golden sun you know fav pairings, fav characters and fav evreything, so please come here and enjoy
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Is Alex alive?
Theories on Alex, or just rant about how AWESOME he is! All alex fans welcome...
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Do you believe Ivan and Sheba belong together?
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Hot springs anyone?
This is a forum dedicated to PiersXJenna, or ketchupshipping otherwise as known as hotspringshipping. All discussion on why you like this pairing.
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Dark Dawn
Anyone who has anything to say or what they think to expect in Golden Sun DS aka Dark Dawn
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