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Grand Theft Auto RP
Create a character and enter the underworld of Liberty City, taking part in a tale of sex, drugs, violence and crime.
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The GTA Forum
Exactly what it says on the tin. RP in a world where drug stashes are worth millions and your soul's worth a dime.
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This is set a month after the final mission.Ocs are accepted :),so join.
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Guns, Drugs, Lust, and Money: A Liberty City Story
Step into a world corruption and death, were the only real money is laundered, the women are cheap and guns are cheaper. Welcome to The American Dream.
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GTA World Tour RP!
Amazing GTA RPs! From Sunny Vice City to the west coast San Andreas area straight back to the LC1 Join or create your own!
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Grand Theft Auto V RPG
After the "Big Score", our three main protagonists attempt to get on with their lives, though crime never sleeps. Takes place a few months after events of the game, OCs welcome.
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Grand Theft Auto: Ultimate Forum
Here, in GTA-universe America, play as anyone you want in any neck of the woods - Vice City, Los Santos, Liberty City, and the new made up province I literally just invented, Los Reyes. Hell, we even have a crossover section. Feel free to join! c:
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Welcome To Grand Theft Auto
Place your bets in a gamble for your life, whether it's in the Badlands of San Andreas, The Cold Snow of Liberty City, or the Sunny Heated Beauty of Vice City, It's your life. Better make good use of it.
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Grand Theft Auto Roleplay
if you like grand theft auto or just being badass then this is the RP for you, this is mostly just OC Characters so register them in the character registration and join in the story. this fourm may contain mild - moderate language.
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Grand Theft Auto: The Score of All Scores Forum
The forum to the epic GTA story Grand Theft Auto: The Score of All Scores. Here we will have RPS, contests, OCs, and all sorts of other stuff.
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All Things Grand Theft Auto
Yoou can post whatever you want in here about the GTA games your stories, tips and tricks, etc. Just keep the violent descriptions to a minumum and the language to a low roar you know, because I'll get in trouble... blah, blah, blah...
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gta revival of life
a place to have fun and do what you do in the game
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Liberty City RP
A Roleplay in Liberty City, no auto hitting againist other Roleplayers or sexual scenes
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Grand Theft Auto WTF? moments
Post your biggest WTF? moments here. must be related to any gta game.
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What Happens In Liberty City
I really, really, want to roleplay GTA. Anyone with me? 'Cause if you are, you should really join this forum... (Sorry, I'm not very persuasive...)
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GTA V Wishlist
What do you want in GTA V that they haven't or took out from GTA IV? Post them here.
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GTA 2: Back and Better!
Missing the Classic GTA Games? Well come to here for GTA 2! You can be a Gangster, a Civilian or even a Police Officer! Just follow some Rules and you'll be remembering all the good times of 1999 for GTA!
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Gta forum
forum about grand theft auto
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Grand Theft Auto crossover idea
Just an idea for you writer block plagued authors
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San Andreas RPG Forum
This wasn't my idea originally. So yeah. CJ is the ultimate boss. He pretty much controls San Andreas. Join his gang or someone elses. Try to stay alive! Moo ha ha ha ha! Mature content.
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GTA San Andreas
Can anyone tell me exactly where all of the SprayTags, Oysters and other stuff is located in this game?
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