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Guilty Gear RP
There isn't a Guilty Gear fourm on this site, so I figured that I'd make one. Make an OC or RP as a canon, and LET'S ROCK!
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gulty gear RP
since all the RP's are dead, I had to make a new one, feel free to come in
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Guilty Gear Roleplay
With the Gears of the world turning, will you join the battle against the Sanctus Populi? Or join them and create an Absolute World? Join us as we battle to decide the fate of the world! Heaven or Hell? Let's rock!
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Which characters suck? Which characters rule?
You guys think Sol rules? Or perhaps Testament is cool but its too bad that he wears that costume that looks like a dress. Do you guys like Bridget? Heres my opinion of some characters here.
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Guilty Gear ShoujoAi
You know, we've seen enough of the het pairings of Guilty Gear. Now, what would you recommend to be the best ShoujoAi pairing of Guilty Gear? A strange pairing like JamMillia? Or go a bit lower than that? You decide!
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Pues no se
De verdad no se que titulo ponerle... aunque les mando la pregunta ¿Por que demonios tantas personas odian a mi Zappa y a mi Faust? ¡Justificaciones por favor!
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Guilty Gear X2 Reload
heyho I need some help with the charas Dizzy and INo
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Music and Guilty Gear
Does music inspire you to help you write your fics?
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