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Halo: Reach RP
Spartan, ODST, Marine, anything. Everything is at your disposal. You can be any unit you want. Just follow the rules, and the Halo universe is yours.
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Red vs Blue, the Freelancer Chronicles(remade)
welcome to project freelancer, agent, suit up...we have a great many things to do...a great many things.
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The Lost Crusade of the Spartans
The war's over; the UNSC decided to make the Spartan IVs, a race of new, good Spartans, not forced to serve, but allowed to volunteer. They said that the dark, desperate measures of history were never to be repeated. Put simply, that's all a lie. This is the truth. Our truth.
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Halo RP
With the end of the Human/Covenant war, humanity attempts to regain some of it's former strength, but the remaining outer colonies and some inner colonies still have the insurrectionist threat, ONI makes the decision to erase the problem.
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Installation 03, a Roleplay
Shortly before the Halo incident, The Pegasus, a ship escaping a covenant attack, makes a blind jump, in an attempt to escape the Covenant forces. Forced to land on a mysterious ring, this is thier story.
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Halo: Forsaken
A Halo roleplay! ...Yup.
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Halo: Project WHITEOUT
Come one, come all. This is a new Halo RP unlike any other that you will find. It is in desperate need of members, and would love it if you could join! Here you can create a SPARTAN-II, III, and yes, a SPARTAN-IV. If you prefer, you can make a ODST, Marine, Ship Captain, and the likes instead. Come! Join Project WHITEOUT and discover the new threats that have appeared. Then destroy them.
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We're hated We're hunted We're Spartans A Halo rp
As those who created the Spartans now relent in their abonimable tinkering of the human child into deadly warrior, the Spartan youth flee before anymore of their numbers are reduced to ash. You, now must survive the purge of UNSC wrath.
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Halo: The Fall of Humanity
The war with the Covenant rages on. Humanity is dying, slowly being driven back to the Inner colonies. This... This is Humanity's last stand. Remake of Zero Reaper's Fall of Humanity forum.
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Human-Covenant War RP
An ambitious RP that starts in 2526 following the outset of hostilities between the UNSC and Covenant Empire, and stretch through the entire War. Be a sangheili minor on the front lines or a UNSC ship captain fighting to hold back the unstoppable Covenant juggernaut, or anything in between. Fight the devastating 27 year war planet to planet, city to city, or street to street.
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Red vs Blue Mafia
The Reds and Blues have been at "war" with each other for years now, but something is bringing them together. A new threat. Something greater than Omega or even Tex when she's PMSing.
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Welcome to Earth: Halo RP and Discussion Forum
Welcome to Earth, a Halo Role Play and Discussion forum. Here you can RP with fellow fans of the Halo franchise, or just have a nice discussion.
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Second Class
In the year 2531the founding for a second Class of SPARTAN-II's are removed in favor of the expendable and cheaper SPARTAN-III's. However when the richest man in all UNSC space and human history, approaches Doctor Halsey and offers to found her second Generation SPARTAN-II's, the history of Halo is forever changed.
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Halo: Redemption
A group of soldiers must fight to bring stability to the system they swore to protect and in doing so, bring down the organization that created them.
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Halo Forums
These forums are for the exlusive use for new halo story ideas and other things halo related. No spamming, out of control flaming, but debating about a certain fact about halo is allowed as long as it stays under control.
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Halo RP
In the depths of space, lie an alien Covenant, whose purpose is to locate and worship artifacts left behind by an ancient race known as the Forerunner. Years ago, this Covenant encountered humanity, and by the order of their Prophets, attacked them, sparking the Human-Covenant War.
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Red Vs Blue Roleplay
Roleplay in Red Vs Blue!
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Halo RP
MA Halo Role-Play! Don't like don't join! Don't over do it. Anything goes. read rules
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Red VS Blue VS The Freelancers!
Red versus blue is a ledgend, but what happens when the freelancers move into blood gulch, war? Peace? Romance...? Join and find out (Freelancers can have forerunner weapons and teh reds and blues can have covenant weapons, but ask me first)
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Halo Universe Role Playing
From Harvest to New Mombasa. Storm Innie encampments as the UNSC, glass planets from the bridge of a Supercarrier, or live as a civilian in the Halo universe. For RPs, canon or non canon. OCs are welcome, and encouraged. Please check with Rules first.
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Halo: The Endless Void
Travel through space as a covenant/UNSC soldier and solve the mystery of the disappearing ships on former UNSC colony Reach...
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Red Vs Blue, the back stories
Everyone knows about the famous war between the spartan army of the reds and the blues. But what about the back battles, what happened off camera, well, this will explain everything.
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Human Covenant War
Join either the Covenant or the UNSC in their endeaver to defeat the other.
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Red vs Blue Roleplay
A place for RvB fans to RP.....and to just have fun discussing the series. R.I.P Private Donut
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Never Make a Girl a Promise
... If You Know You Can't Keep It.
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