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Halo: Reach RP
Spartan, ODST, Marine, anything. Everything is at your disposal. You can be any unit you want. Just follow the rules, and the Halo universe is yours.
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Halo: Project WHITEOUT
Come one, come all. This is a new Halo RP unlike any other that you will find. It is in desperate need of members, and would love it if you could join! Here you can create a SPARTAN-II, III, and yes, a SPARTAN-IV. If you prefer, you can make a ODST, Marine, Ship Captain, and the likes instead. Come! Join Project WHITEOUT and discover the new threats that have appeared. Then destroy them.
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Human-Covenant War RP
An ambitious RP that starts in 2526 following the outset of hostilities between the UNSC and Covenant Empire, and stretch through the entire War. Be a sangheili minor on the front lines or a UNSC ship captain fighting to hold back the unstoppable Covenant juggernaut, or anything in between. Fight the devastating 27 year war planet to planet, city to city, or street to street.
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Second Class
In the year 2531the founding for a second Class of SPARTAN-II's are removed in favor of the expendable and cheaper SPARTAN-III's. However when the richest man in all UNSC space and human history, approaches Doctor Halsey and offers to found her second Generation SPARTAN-II's, the history of Halo is forever changed.
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Halo: Redemption
A group of soldiers must fight to bring stability to the system they swore to protect and in doing so, bring down the organization that created them.
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Halo: Mantle United
Throughout the Universe, war has become the forefront of the Galaxy. But what do we really know about our galaxy before and after the Halo event? What if we can re-live the past or change its future?
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Halo: Survival
*AU* In the year 2552, during it's early months, the war isn't going well for the UNSC. Faced with the possibility of lose and extinction, High Command and ONI put in place a failsafe if the worst really should come to pass... Can you survive or will you find yourself nothing glassed ash.
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Halo: The Endless Void
Travel through space as a covenant/UNSC soldier and solve the mystery of the disappearing ships on former UNSC colony Reach...
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Long Night Halo RP Forum
A Halo RP forum set in the post-Halo 4 era
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Halo: Endless War
Welcome to the year 2560. The UNSC and Swords Of Sangheilios are now the two major forces in the galaxy. But the many Covenant Remnants, Insurrections, and other factions grow stronger. And it is only a matter of time before this tension turns into all-out war. Or has it already?
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Halo: When All Hope is Lost
The year is 2550, for twenty five years the United Nations Space Command has fought relentlessly to hold back a genocidal alien race hellbent on obliterating humanity. The Office Of Naval Intelligence however, has a solution in the form of Class-II SPARTAN IIs, but even these titans are incapable of destroying such a threat alone. Join the fight today as SPARTAN, ODST, Marine, Elite, or whatever you want!
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Halo 4 RPTG
You have been sent to the Forrunner Planet to Eliminate/Assassinate a Elite Terrorist Commander and capture the planets core. ask(PM) to be a Moderator
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Red vs Blue: Freelancer Rebirth
Many years have passed since the creation and some years after the full destruction of the Freelancer Project. Most material that was used in the Project has since been handed to Charon Industries. With the possibility of another "Great War" approaching, the UNSC has cleared Orion Technologies to start testing new technologies and create more advanced soldiers.
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Halo : Legacy
Create a story as you fight for your faction, and join others as they battle with you or against you. Create your warrior. Create your legacy.
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Redemption - A Red vs Blue RP
"Roses are red Violets are blue, one day we'll cruise down blood gulch avenue." The freelancers were thrown away and dis guarded. Now they are returning to combat the UNSC. They have even found a way to re create all the former freelancers who died. They also have alligned with their former enemies the Reds and Blues in an attempt to fight off the UNSC.
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Spartan FilesInformation
Post you're Spartan Files.
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Halo: Infinity RP (Waypoint)
Halo: Infinity is a RP on Halo Waypoint that has been going strong for three years now. And in those three years, Infinity has grown from a simple RP, to a small but friendly community of Halo fans. We're currently looking for members who have a firm grasp on the English language, and Halo lore. Head on over to Halo Waypoint, and search for Halo: Infinity Roleplay, or send me a PM here for a direct link.
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