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Shadow Island
Shadow Island has been deserted for years, due to the fact of the myths and rumors that surrounds it. The Harvest Goddess finds one girl who is destined to bring the island back to it's former glory. But she'll need to the help of others to defeat the monsters.
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Harvest Moon RP
River Valley- A beautiful valley, located scenically by River Beach. The only problem is there isn't any villagers there. Want to help River Valley be colonized?
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Harvest Moon: Animal Parade RP
Create your character and settle in beautiful Harmonica Town! Be a farmer, baker, witch, wizard, shopkeeper, or anything in between. Or, pick a villager to roleplay as and carve their future for them.
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The Village Square
Wanna talk pairings? Share story ideas? Ask for ingame help? Or maybe just talk about why you love Harvest Moon? Doesn't matter to me. A forum for anything and everything to do with the farming sim we love so much. Feel free to post, I don't bite.
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Sweet Revenge
This is your average Harvest Moon forum. Nothing special.
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The Dares Forum
Swingdancer23's compilation of dare contests for Harvest Moon Fanfiction. Feel free to join as long as you abide by the rules.
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Sunshine Islands RP
Welcome back to the Sunshine Islands! There's some new residents living here now, and the islands still need more villagers. Will you find a job, love, enemies, friendships, or all of them?
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red and white turnips
red and white dari warna bendera Indonesia! turnips dari Harvest Moon! -?- hmm, silakan berkunjung. :D and hope you enjoy your visit!
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The Farmer's Forum
Welcome to the Farmer's Forum, for everything Harvest Moon. Everyone is welcome, so come on in and join the roleplays, games and discussions, and have fun!
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Magical Melody OC's and pairings!
Make up OC's, RP with them, and rant about ur fav pairings. NO BASHING
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Animal Parade RP!
Chose your character and live out their live on Castanet Island! You can be anyone from Chase the Sarcastic Chef to Perry the Priest! Go through drama, romance, and even death as your chosen character settles down.
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Sunshine Islands RP
Okay... so I've been wanting to RP my favorite game of all time for a while now. Anyone care to join? OC's Canon Characters.
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Harvest Moon Back to Nature: A Roleplay Forum
Quiet and simple Mineral Town. Nestled in the heart of nature, full of trees, flowers and various animals. Whether you want to be the old innkeeper, a new farmer, or a wandering traveler, come and join us! *Extremely in need of members as of 11/17/15*
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Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar RP
Welcome to Zephyr Town! After being saved from completely disappearing years ago, the bazaar slowly diminished once again. Now, it's up to a new generation of villagers to bring the grand bazaar back to life again! Help flourish to its former glory!
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Harvest Moon Haven
Everything about HM right at your finger tips! Cheets, walk throughs, and other stuff provided by all of you! Come join the fun D
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Story Harvest
All about Harvest Moon! Stories, contests, ideas, tips, and advice is available here! Let's harvest our own stories!
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Moonlight Village
A village known for its beautiful moon and night sky, come and join as a seasoned villager or sprightly newcomer. All are welcome, just come inside for more info. :)
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Harvest Moon Roleplay
Harvest moon roleplay, in a different town/world/universe. OCs and canon characters welcome
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A(nother) Wonderful Life RolePlay
Create your own original character, or choose to RP as one of the villagers! Come join lovely Forget-Me-Not Valley!
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Tsuki Valley
Hello and welcome to all! Tsuki Village is village tucked away from the world, surrounded by forests, lakes and mountains. We need your help to make Tsuki Village a place for both peace-seekers and peace-makers, so come on in! Accepting all OMCs and all OFCs.
English - Topics: 7 - Posts: 84 - Since: 02-24-14 - Admin: 4701rose
Harvest Moon: Aurora Village
Like to farm? Cook? Own a store or raise animals? Come join this Harvest Moon RP! Come in anytime!
English - Topics: 24 - Posts: 62 - Since: 06-28-11 - Admin: JadeTheSibuna
Harvest Moon Sunshine Island Roleplay
Join the cast of Sunshine Island! Denny in his hunt for the Treasure of the Sunray Isles, Vaughn on his secret search for a Silver Statue... Of who? Sabrina in her daring escapes from Regis, help Shea find his parents, and many more things! OCs for this, please! All main Characters, including Mark and Chelsea exist already! You choose your character, lover, and all else! No offense, Denny fans, but he's mine!
English - Topics: 6 - Posts: 59 - Since: 08-07-12 - Admin: NinjagoZ
Harvest Moon: Happiness Returns RP
In the world of Happiness Returns, there is a new set of Islands. What are they? Well, come on in and find out!
English - Topics: 5 - Posts: 55 - Since: 06-17-12 - Admin: Clawfire
Harvest Moon: For Gay
Do you wish that same sex couples could marry in the series? Then this forum is for you! Slash, femslash, yaoi, yuri, shounen ai, shoujo ai Whatever you call it, talk about those couples here! All HM games allowed.
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Castanet: NextGeneration
Roleplay as any of the kids of the cannon/uncannon couples of Castanet Island! Play as an existing kid, their younger brother/sister, or someone completely new! Go through life, romance, friendship, drama- and even a little adventure and mystery!
English - Topics: 22 - Posts: 49 - Since: 05-25-12 - Admin: I.Hope.You.Dance.7
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