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Echo Village
Echo Village is a small but bustling little village, filled with it's usual attractions and activities but the villagers themselves are unique in ways deemed impossible. Races across the universe come here to relax and have fun. They are the universe's best; The Timeless Warriors.
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Harvest Moon Back to Nature: A Roleplay Forum
Quiet and simple Mineral Town. Nestled in the heart of nature, full of trees, flowers and various animals. Whether you want to be the old innkeeper, a new farmer, or a wandering traveler, come and join us! *Extremely in need of members as of 11/17/15*
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Moonlight Village
A village known for its beautiful moon and night sky, come and join as a seasoned villager or sprightly newcomer. All are welcome, just come inside for more info. :)
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Harvest Moon Roleplay
Harvest moon roleplay, in a different town/world/universe. OCs and canon characters welcome
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A(nother) Wonderful Life RolePlay
Create your own original character, or choose to RP as one of the villagers! Come join lovely Forget-Me-Not Valley!
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Harvest Moon: A Fresh Start
Sometimes everyone needs a new start, Sunset Mountains is the place to be. Nestled away in a long forgotten valley...the townsfolk gladly settle down for something new...Please come in and have fun!
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Moonshine Village
A village with a lovely ocean, and beautiful mountain-tops. At night the moon shines brightly, with stars shining like fireflies. The only issue? No villagers! We need you to fill our homes!
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Harvest Moon Tale Of Two Towns RPG
Konohana and Bluebell have fallen into turmoil so its' up to a group of city cats to move in and reunite the towns! Move into either town with an OC, run your business, take part in competitions and raise a family! Current date: Year 1 Spring 1st
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Somewhere Between the Sun and the Moon
Private RP; invite-only.
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