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Harvest Moon Back to Nature: A Roleplay Forum
Quiet and simple Mineral Town. Nestled in the heart of nature, full of trees, flowers and various animals. Whether you want to be the old innkeeper, a new farmer, or a wandering traveler, come and join us! *Extremely in need of members as of 11/17/15*
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Moonlight Village
A village known for its beautiful moon and night sky, come and join as a seasoned villager or sprightly newcomer. All are welcome, just come inside for more info. :)
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Harvest Moon Roleplay
Harvest moon roleplay, in a different town/world/universe. OCs and canon characters welcome
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A(nother) Wonderful Life RolePlay
Create your own original character, or choose to RP as one of the villagers! Come join lovely Forget-Me-Not Valley!
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Moonshine Village
A village with a lovely ocean, and beautiful mountain-tops. At night the moon shines brightly, with stars shining like fireflies. The only issue? No villagers! We need you to fill our homes!
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Harvest Moon Tale Of Two Towns RPG
Konohana and Bluebell have fallen into turmoil so its' up to a group of city cats to move in and reunite the towns! Move into either town with an OC, run your business, take part in competitions and raise a family! Current date: Year 1 Spring 1st
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Somewhere Between the Sun and the Moon
Private RP; invite-only.
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Greenwill Village- Harvest Moon Rp
Surrounded by dense forests and flourishing rivers lies a small town whose residents have completely deserted it, save for two or three. However, there is a kind mayor who has taken over the town, determined to give it a fresh start. Join Mayor Katherby in his journey to save Greenwill.
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The Wind's Roleplay
Grand Bazzar Rp
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