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Heavy Rain Roleplay
A Roleplay forum following the investigation of the Origami Killer. Canon spots to be filled and OCs welcome to join the chase!
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Heavy rain the rp
The oragami killings have started back up after the accused killer has been killed. What will happen? Will good triumph? Or will evil kick them into submission? Frankly it's all up to you.
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Heavy Rain Discussion
A place for fans of the ps3 game Heavy Rain
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Heavy Rain: Prologue, It Never Ends (Role-Play Forum)
It's been a few years since the events of Heavy Rain. Ethan, with the help of Madison and Norman, managed to save Shaun and escape Scott Shelby's warehouse. Since then Ethan and Shaun have been living peacefully and trying their best to move on. Madison has become a renowned writer, and Norman has retired from the FBI and hasn't been seen publicly since. It seems that ever since the Origami Killer was brought down, there has been a vast shadow cast upon our characters. A ever-present feeling of dread.
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