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Hyperdimension Neptunia Roleplay REBirth 2!
Welcome to Roleplay RE:Birth 2! This time around we're having a fresh start, new Admin, new plot, but with the same awesomeness! So, whadda say? Come in and have some fun!
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HyperDimension Neptunia Role Play Re(semicolin)Birth
Welcome to the Hyperdimension Neptunia Role Play Re:Birth! Where we made a new oine with a new admin. Come on in and join the fun that Gamindustri has to offer, we give you the choices of a serious or casual role play so we have something for all! Everyone is welcome. Have Fun!
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Welcome To Our Dimension
Welcome to the dimension that breaks the boundaries of the Fourth Wall to the max. A world where everything is based off everything from the gaming industry of our world; Gamindustri. So many adventures to be sought, relationships to be forged and rivalries to be confronted. Join Nep-Nep and friends as an OC, or play their roles yourselves. Welcome to Neptunia."
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Kingdom of Authoria
Welcome to the Kingdom of Authoria, or officially known as the Authorian's Forum in HDN. Authorians holds the same stature of a mere Author but under this group he became Authorian - in our group, means carrier of imaginations. Feel free to roam and soar around, and please bread the rule that my OAuthoria will post, later. Also, this group does not associated with religious beliefs or anything might considered as religious, only purpose is entertainment.
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Authoria Battles
The full battles of Authoria are upon us. This is just for fun. The real Authoria group is not like this.
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Neptunia RP
A work in progress
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The Rift
Welcome! This is a heavily RP based forum for any kind of Rpers interested in The neptunia franchise,we hope you like it in here. Discord server : /Kkcrg Consider talk to us in this server,we'll gladly receive any feedfack provided.
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Hyperdimension Neptunia Adventure
A new adventure begins for Neptune and her friends as new friends appear and love blooms. But is a new threat on the Horizon
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Multidimension Neptunia The Forum
This is for the author's of Multidimension Neptunia if you do not want spoilers for the Potential idea's of Chapter's we will make then i suggest you don't
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Welcome to the town of Wel Zelevas, one nestled in the heart of Gamindustri. Join our discord to board the most lively and thriving community in the Neptunia archive. We offer an exciting community of writers, RPers, game doers, military service-members, doomsday preppers, anime enthusiasts, art/thing professionals and a family to call your own.
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Hyperdimensional Neptunia Authors' Forum
This is a group that is designated to help in writing, ranging from OCs to AUs and so on. Placing your ideas and helping others is welcome too!
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Hyperdimension Neptunia writers
So I created this forum for HDN Writers to express their ideas. I guess just to help others be more creative
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Fanfiction Annihilation Command
Gamindustri meets Earth through a chaotic medium known to mortals as Fanfiction. In this Forum, call out all that plagues the archive and we will do our best to raise awareness and hopefully put an end to bad Fanfiction though promoting good writing, real criticism, originality and more.
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RolePlaydimension Neptunia
Since Neptune's latest adventure, The people of gamindustri had finally found a way to traverse them as well, with the help of Nep and the other goddesses of course
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Infinite Dimension Works Forum
The forum for the Unlimited Dimension Works. I made it because, well, I need some feedback for this fanfic.
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Neptunia Crossovers Generals
A place where people can discuss possible crossovers involving the Hyperdimension Neptunia series.
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Empire of Purple Heart Discussions and Updates
This forum will be made so that followers and even fans of Empire of Purple Heart can discuss the story as of late. This will also be used for updates as to what is going on and any reasons for delays on future chapters.
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