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Ib Roleplay
Come and play as the canons or make your own character and adventure into the horror museum. Modds are Maho and Empy. If you have a problem and i'm not there please ask them :D
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Ib The Next Generation
After Ib and Garry escaped the gallery, things began to change in Gueterna's mueseum with all new kinds of paintings showing themselves and new visitors becoming drawn in daily. RP Forum.
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Ib: The Roleplay
Welcome to the world of Guertena. Go into the Fabricated World. Will you get out alive, become a painting, or die? Remember, as the rose wilts, so do you.
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Ib, The RP
Welcome to Ib, The RP. Here, we will be able to Role play, discuss about it, and imagine ourselves in the game, so feel free to dive right in. The Abyss of The Deep is the entrance, be sure to avoid losing your rose, and have fun... if you can survive... that is.
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Mary Alone
What was Mary's life like before Ib and Garry got trapped in the art gallery?
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Ib Story Collab!
New to FanFiction? Need some inspiration? Well, than... why not collaborate?
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Deep in the Gallery many terrifying things will appear. Once you get sucked in no one ever sees you again. Many people get lost in the mysterious and dangerous place know as The Fabricated World. A world that you could just die for! There many terrors await to destroy your sanity and life.
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Guertena's Gallery
Bienvenidos sean todos a la galería de Guertena; donde podrán admirar sus obras, personajes, finales y demás. Vengan y gocen del maravilloso circo que es la galería de arte; ¡vengan y gocen del mundo de Ib!
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