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Jak and Daxter Rp
An RP dedicated to the greatest PS2 game of all time! Since most of these died, this is my chance to make an RP that will last. I hope you enjoy Rping here, or just chatting.
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Who are you?
Are you a Wastelander, Metal Head, Haven Citier, Underground Member, Krimzon Guard? Or somthing else? Tell us here! also has a RPing section for all our characters. and a fanfic challenge inside!
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Beta Reader Request Forum
If you want put up an ad for a Beta Reader, post it here.
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Jak and daxter, what people want to see
Submit here ideas for stories, things you want to see, or just going, i got first post dont do it its really immature. everything jak.
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Complaints Department
Hey, if deviantART can have one, we can have one too. Complain about the games, the Jak forums, heck, complain about anything you want. Maybe someone will actually post here...
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Anything Jak and Daxter
Anything about Jak welcome!
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Headcanon central
Used to be a board dedicated to discussing all your shipping fancies, but let's not limit ourselves. Welcome to the board to discuss headcanons and fan theories, or just your love for the games. Jak riding a grown, giant crocadog into battle? Jinx and Tess being siblings? Welcome onboard.
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FanFic Challenges
This is a forum to post your fanfic challenges. You got a fav author in the Jak and Daxter section? Post a challenge here and see if they reply. This forum is ONLY FOR THE POSTING OF CHALLANGES. Please do not stick your stories here. You know the rules.
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Damas, Jak & Mar fics
All Fics to do with Damas & Jak/Mar or even Jak and Mini Jak/Mar or even just discussion about these characters and their relationship of father and son and mini Jak.
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General J&D
Loved Jak X? Hated something about Jak 3? Prefer JakKeira over JakAshelin? Anything of the general Jak and Daxter sort is welcome here! :D
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Jak and Keria forum. Not much else to say.
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Jak the Vampire Prince
Here you can discuss and ask questions about my new story, Jak the Vampire Prince!
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Jak and Daxter: The Entire Series
Well, basically just post whatever you want about Jak and Daxter on here, be it characters, missions, favorite pairings, or just the games themselves.
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Air's Jak and Daxter Forum
Place to talk about stuff...and things. Like. Indeed. How true that is. Gweep.
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My wish
JakxOCYeah I know it's another girl trapped into a videogame can't help it and this is my first fanfic.
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Jak and Daxter Discussions
Talk to me about anything J&D! Questions, comments, suggestions, advice, hatemail, whatever you want.
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Keira, MD
It's a forum for widely popular fanfic Keira, M.D. Head straight to the sneak peek section that will blow you away with a look at future events to come! New reader guides as well. Keep posted for news and updates and new topics as they come.
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Jak and Daxter Chatter
Talk about anything JD related I don't care. Fanfiction, fanart, how far you are in one of the games... Blah. :P
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The House of Jak Character Obsessory
Welcome to the House of Jak Character Obsessory! Here you can go to Or create a forum for your favorite Jak character and obsess away! Like Erol? Maybe Ashelin? Or how about Kleiver? Whatever your favorite, obsess here!
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People come and join ths RPG form I created espesally for Jak fans come on and join my website!
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RPG Jak Chat
U can do whatever u want whenever you want however but u gotta chose a character, A fan character!
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Darkness Fades Discussion Board
For those of you who read my story, Darkness Fades, and have some burning questions that I haven’t answered, post them here and I’ll answer them for you.
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Anyone heard the rumors?
They're making a fifth Jak and Daxter game. Come to squeal, obsess, or just post any other rumorsupdates about it that you've heard. Anyone as excited about it already as I am? I doubt it. :D
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The Naughty Ottsel
Just chill and talk about anything related with Jak and Daxter. Tell us about yourself and what character your most like.
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