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The Foundation Of HnKnA Fiction
A forum where us at the HnKnA section discuss our new ideas, ways for us to spread the word, and for those new to the section to get welcomed :D
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Wonderful Wonder World RPG
Okays, you all know the drill about the role holders and stuff? Well, time to create a character! Here, you have the option of being either the an outsider and hook up with a roleholder from the Country of Hearts, Clover, Diamond—Ace, Blood, Boris, Gray, Sidney, Joker (Black/White—separately), etc, you get my drift. Why not join? The game begins...now.
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Wonderland (Hnkna Rp)
Welcome to the Country of Hearts or Wonderland if you wish.Here, Outsiders fall down to this world at war between territory, it is no sweet dream, so come have many misadventures, if you dont die before the game is over.
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Wonderland RPG
Roleplay as your OC here with the role-holders of this Wonderful Wonder World
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Heart No Kuni No Alice Forum!
This is my first forum hope you have fun.
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Insane Is My Middle Name Forum
You ever wanted to have a chat with our insane Alex? Have tea with the queen while being mobbed by Peter? Puke on a roller-coaster while being hugged by a mouse? Annoy a clockmaker? Sing to Homosexual Blood or kill clowns? THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU!
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Rp Heart no Kuni no Alice
RolePlay for any fan of the game/manga Heart no Kuni no Alice.
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Tweedle Dee & Dum
Anything to do with the very amazing Bloody Twins! You can be any character as long as they interact with Dee and Dum. And the twins can be either younger or older.
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new Heart no Kuni no Alice RP
A new Role Play in Wonderland! Woohoo!
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Alice no kuni RP PG13
RP as canon characters and OC's!
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Heart no Kuni no Alice
Just a little random forum. We're trying to figure out the plot, we got something but we're working on it ;
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This is another rp forum so you can gat a character you want if in the other one is all ready taken.
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Heart No Kuni No Alice RP
Welcome To The Country Of Hearts! Rp all your favorite characters and Oc's! All WELCOME!
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alice, wonderland rp
come one come all! rp here as much as you like!
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Blood x Alice Roleplay
This is a group made to roleplay this couple. Feel free to post at this anytime. Who wants to be first?
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Discuss topics pertaining to the relationship (or non-relationship) of Blood Du Pre and Alice Liddell from Quin Rose's Alice in the Country of Heart/Clover/Joker series.
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uke'ssemesor both
pick any character, tell which are they,and explain why...
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Looking for a Black and White Joker for an RP
I have an idea that I've been wanting to do for a really long time. It would be Jokers/OC and rated M. Bondage, yaoi, and the what not, ya know the fun stuff. The basic plot of my idea is my OC Blaine is accidently brought to Wonderland but not in the same way that Alice was. Instead of being kidnapped by a mysterious rabbit man and left at Julius' tower, he wakes up in the Joker's prison. Having no idea what's going on he tries to find his way out and back home. Looking for someone who knows them well
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