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The Shipyards
Welcome to the Shipyard. Chat, Sail and fight the Abyssal fleets to liberate our oceans.
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The war room
The war has begun and only we can beat the enemy . They call from their graves will you answer and let them rise to battle again
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A:AFS Discussion Room
Forum Page for Ambience: A Fleet Symphony by Hieda no Akyuu.
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Kantai Collection: Anchors and Abyssals
2012, The Abyssal Fleet. They came out of nowhere and they do not seem to have an agenda. In almost an instant, major shipping route were no longer available for humanity to use. For six months, Humanity desperately tried to stern the tide, only achieving success recently. Now, a second wave of offense are planned to regain control of the seas. (Current Date: 19 November, 2012)
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First forum for Kantai Collection
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Modern Kantai Collection: The Naval Station
When an unknown threat rises from the depths of the oceans, what will you do? Will you run? Will you hide? Or will you become the miracles that will lead humanity to victory once more? Chat, sail, and fight alongside with the modern maidens of the ardent seas to liberate the oceans once more. Welcome to the Naval Station.
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