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Plagios en la sección de King of Fighters
Sitio para reportar plagios en esta sección que involucren historias de King of Fighters. NO SE CONFUNDAN, este no es un sitio oficial de fanfiction[.]net . Este es solo para denunciar y hacer analisis si el plagio es en efecto, un plagio, llegar al fondo de la investigación y develarlo a los demas (tanto historias copiadas de este fandom, como historias copiadas de otros fandoms a este).
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Fighters can be Lovers too
Okay, I thought it was totally unfair to just create a shounenai forum, so I will change this to a general pairing forum. All pairings, het, shoujoai, shounenai, are welcome. No bashing of any pairings please!
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Las 2 Parejas mas disputadas ¿Quien Ganara?
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Give us a good topic about the KOF
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Parejas KOF
Vamos a ver quienes quedan mejor...vamos! quienes serian parejas chidas en KOF?
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King of Fighters crossovers
Write your opinion in this forum! Characters, Series, Stories...
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Talk about my Favorite KOF girl
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Character suggestions
I'm working on a new multiuniversal KOF fanfic where the readers get to vote on who wins in the end. see inside for more details.
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King of Fighters
Does anyone know where I can find discriptions on how the moves each fighter are done?
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Sexy Sexy Sexy
A KOF dedication and specialization area to the sexiest little video game character ever: Mai Shiranui.
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hello guys, this the first time i have a forum about KOF.my fanfic...I'm still fixing it.Anyway let's get started.If you were given a chance to create an anime in for the next KOF series, what would be the story, is there new characters..tnx anyway
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