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Kingdom Hearts RP!
Ever wonder what you and a bunch of other Fan Fictionists can come up with if the characters you create all end up going to a high school in Twilight Town with all the other Kingdom Hearts canons? Well, give this a try! You can make your own characters!
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The Darkness on the Horizon
{SUBMISSIONS CLOSED!} Two sides, two goals, one universe. The Heroes of Light are a group of keyblade wielders trying to find their way. The group has gone on many adventures but none as big as the one they are leading up to. The Order is a group of people coming together to form a Utopian universe, stopping at nothing to get what they want. In one final battle, these two sides will face off but not before going through their own hardships and falls. Who will be victorious? Perhaps you can help.
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Axira's Organization XIII
The RP forum for Axira's Organization XIII.
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KH: Online!
Kingdom Hearts: Online Forums. Come and join in the RP extravaganza! All are welcome!
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Kingdom Hearts RP and Crossovers
Come and RP as your favorite KH characters and others!
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Organization 13 and a Half
Indeed a Kingdom Hearts Forum. There's really no limit to the topics discussed here. Primarily, post up your own Kingdom Hearts OC, and I'll add them into my upcoming Kingdom Hearts Fanfic! The time has come to unlock a new door. But knock first, alright?
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Keyblade Academy
An RP where you become a young, aspiring Keyblade master, with a unique blade, class type, personality, and even a Drive Form! Train hard to fight off the Heartless and Nobodies.
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Journey of Discovery universe
Role-play stuff related to the FanFictions Journey of Discovery Final Mix, Road to Recovery, Lost and Alone, and beyond.
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Dark Fades to Silver
.:SEQUEL TO DARKNESS ON THE HORIZON:. SUBMISSIONS CLOSED. Five years has passed since the battle against the Order but new situations arise. When a friend thought to be dead returns and asks for help, those willing find themselves thrown into a journey no one could foresee.
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No boys allowed ! Come and enter . we go off the topics alot , it may end up RPGing
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Kingdom Hearts: Those who no longer exist
Welcome one and all to this story to save the worlds. The RP here deals with a world where the events of the games never took place. What happens in this new universe? What new threats have risen? The story has been rebooted.
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Of Light, Night, and Heart
Hey, this forum is now closed. for all of you who enjoyed your time with us, thank you. It was a great time while it lasted. Shoutouts to Para and Lo, the two who were here from the get go. so many of you made this forum some of my best memories, and as such, I decided it was best to lock the forum rather than delete it. I hope that, perhaps some of you, will join me again on a new adventure. To Be Continued...
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Kingdom Hearts Rp
A continuation of Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance. The worlds are being taken over by darkness again and the Heartless are taken over the worlds, join the quest to save the worlds in time before its too late, take the Mark of Mastery Exam to become the next Keyblade Master. Visit Easter Town that was never created in the game! OC's and Cannons are allowed! NOW OPEN! NOW ACCEPTING CROSSOVER OC's!
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Kingdom Hearts Roleplay: Consumption of Light
One hundred years after the defeat of Xehanort, a new evil has risen from the darkness, wanting to exterminate all light. Are you a keyblade wielder sent to destroy this threat, or are you a part of the darkness wanting to end the light?
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The Origin of the Keys
Fifty years have passed since Sora defeated Xemnas, and the ranks of the Keybearers have flourished with the darkness' retreat. All is not well however, and this new generation will face as tough a challeneges as the hero of old.
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Kingdom Hearts RP: Crisis in the Realms
A new realm is being created, and a race to claim it has begun. With Xehanort and the thirteen seekers of darkness back, how will they be stopped? Join the RP and decide which team you're on: Good, Evil, or are you alone?
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Kingdom Hearts Tales of the Lost
In another universe where the events of the games never happened the threat of Heartless and Nobodies still linger. Yet an older threat has resurfaced to cause chaos among the worlds. The Unversed have returned, but why, and who is behind their return?
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Organization XV
We have officially moved to www. wix. com/orgyxv/orgxv Put the spaces together.. You are welcome to join us there!
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The Critic League
Hate stuffy boring critics who don't know how to be awesome? Well join up because we are the Critic League! We criticize work in a way that doesn't say 'You Suck! Here fanfic dwellers come and share their story tips and have tons of fun!
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XIII Returns
The members of new Organization XIII have only begun to learn about who they are and who they will become. Who knows what steps they will have to take to solve the puzzle? Feel free to join the RP.
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Gathering Of Heroes Open!
Keyblade heroes from across the worlds gather to banish the evil that plagues their worlds. Keybearers of Light and Darkness must work together to banish Xehanort for good. Come and have fun!
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Kingdom Hearts: Passage of Power
NG rp. Plot summary in forum. OC's and cannons welcome!
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Kingdom Hearts: Shattered χ
With Xehanort gone, the worlds finally seem to be at peace. But peace cannot last forever, and when a new threat to the world rises, it's time for a new generation of heroes to use their Keyblades to fight for the light once more. (Post Kingdom Hearts III) (Canceled)
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Kingdom Hearts: A Diverse Organization
Organization XIII is a diverse group of creative and eccentric nobodies; although, it's larger then you think. Come and experience the madness behind the Organization and it's members. (OC/Canon RP) (Closed 7/26/16)
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Destiny Call's Collaboration Project
For planning, discussion, and writing of Destiny Call's unnamed Author Collaboration Fanfic
English - Topics: 6 - Posts: 5,962 - Since: 02-20-12 - Admin: Destiny's Call
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