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Nobody Mafia
When the Nobodies of the World that Never Was find Repliku dead in the castle with a threat that they're next, they must work together to find the four traitors and kill them, before they too end up dead. Of course, one member does not like working with others... Ratio: 10:4:1
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Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Mafia
Deep within the Datascape, Data Riku receives a message to call twelve individuals from the journey to debug Jiminy's Journal back into the Datascape, but when another message turns up with a large amount of bugs following behind, it quickly becomes a mission to save the journal once more from the darkness that threatens it. Ratio: 8:3:1
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The Keyblade War: KHBBS Mafia
The threat of the Unversed has suddenly diminished when a group rooted in darkness, known as the "Mafia," suddenly make themselves known. When word reaches Master Eraqus and his three apprentices, they swiftly gather a party full of key-bearers and good hearts of light alike to battle this new evil. However, what if the members of the Mafia themselves are among the new assembly?
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