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Endure & Survive: The Last of Us RP
In a world where the word "safe" has no meaning, where the lines between right and wrong are blurred and everyday life has shifted into an endless fight for survival. The one question you have to ask yourself is: How far will you go to survive? Canon characters and OCs allowed alongside the chance to RP the epic storyline itself or participate in entirely new ones! Enjoy!
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The Last of Us: The Longest Road
Twenty years ago, the first news of the deadly epidemic of the cordyceps fungus were astonishing to anyone who had heard of it. Not only had the disease engulfed the South, the East and West Coasts were no longer safe either. Twenty years later, when I was fourteen, I met a man called Joel. This man isn't any kind of man-he'll endure anything, he's fearless, savage, and he's what has kept me alive. Even after all we've been through, our journey is far from over. For this is the Longest Road.
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The Last Of Us RolePlay
My first video game RP! I have a good feeling about this, so please do me a solid and join? :) (the picture used was made by someone named Houzer, I believe? Idk I found it on google images)
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The Last of US RP
Starts at the Radio Tower outside of Pittsburgh. Joel, Ellie, Henry and Sam are all there. OC's and Cannons. OC's can be anyone or part of Henry's group from the city.
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THE LAST OF US ROLEPLAY: This is a roleplay forum that takes place within The Last of Us, at the same time of the events in the game. It is set in two locations, the Atlanta, Georgia Quarantine Zone, still under military control, and a Firefly Base in Austin, Texas, in a football stadium. The Fireflies are a young organization at this time, and Clickers have only just now developed. There is still a lot of chaos, but weapons and supplies are far more plentiful. As are people. Rules/Character Apps Below.
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The Last of Us: The Settlement
In a small settlement a group of people, a community, work together to survive what has happened to the world. All manners of people reside here, different age groups, ethnicities and professions. Here, we learn their story as a group, and as individuals. (Forum active)
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The Last of Us: Any Means Necessary
Starts where the game ended. Ellie and Joel thought they were safe - they were wrong. A new threat, not even a threat Joel could have predicted, is rising. The US is falling, the government is shattered, and militias are just upon the horizon. Come and join the fight!
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Who else is tired of coming onto forums and only seeing RPG ones? i decided to make this chat room so we can basically just talk about the game! discuss your favourite characters, promote your story, fangirl, make new friends ANYTHING! just read the rules first ;)
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ElieOC Idea's
After looking at the game the last of us for a long time, I thought that maybe Elie should have a love interest. If you think so to, come here to share Idea's on an OC that Elie could be paired with.
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The Last of Us: A Torn World
This RP takes place 1 year after the events of The Last Of Us. The world lies in ruins as the Cordyceps Brain Infection continues to overtake the minds and bodies of many innocents. The military struggles to stay in power as they attempt to suppress the militia and survival groups that continue to form throughout the United States. The Fireflies are looking for the guidance of a new leader and they continue their search for Ellie and a cure. How will you survive in this crazy, messed up world?
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