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Roleplayer's Rift
Welcome to Roleplayer's Rift! 30 seconds until minions spawned
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Foro de Invocadores de Nuestro Mundo
Foro relacionado a la historia Invocadores de Nuestro Mundo. Aquí pueden hablar de cualquier cosa, sea acerca de la historia o no :)
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Behind the Orb
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League of Legends: The Battle for Runeterra
Will you fight for the power hungry militaristic Noxus? Or will you join up in arms with the mighty Demacia and fight for peace and justice? Or will you fight for yourself to bring honor and glory to make yourself a legend. Join the Institute of War and become a part of the League of Legends!
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League of Legends: RP (Roleplay) Server
Welcome to the Summoner's Rift. Come along and roleplay as your favourite champs! Hell, you can even make your own champ if you want!
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League of Lemons RP
A forum for relationships and lemons amongst the champions and summoners at the institute of war.
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Vix and Vuls Storybook A RPG by KibaElunal & Alsodef
A RPG, hosted in the world of A Boy and His Fox by KibaElunal. Are you able to earn yourself a place in the storybook of Vix and Vul?
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Never Surrender
Somos un pequeño grupo escritores y lectores de FF amantes de League of Legends, que les gusta bromear y jugar. Si te gusta divertirte tanto como a nosotros ¡Unétenos, y pasemos todos juntos un buen rato!
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Story Suggestions!
Hello. I am Viper of Grand, aka Grand Viper. I wrote things such as "A Blade Reforged", "Blue Buff x Udyr", and am writing "Equinox". I decided to take a look today and see how many stories I've written, and I'm currently writing for NaNoWriMo. Doing a word tally, I have published nearly 240 000 words. Holy #@!. So after I finish this next batch of short stories, holy damn do I have a lot of em, I want to know what stories you would all like to see. Or you can ask me questions directly here and have everyon
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A story I am thinking up for League of Legends
I am thinking about doing a story about the League of Legends but I need a little help with it. It is a story with different people from anime and video games being taken to the world of Runeterra. I need help with there abilities and Titles.
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League Support Line
A place to advertise you LoL fanfiction or to talk about the League, it's Character's or OCs.
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League of Legends Fan Fiction Rough Drafts
Rough drafts for my League of Legends fan fiction stories. These are to be edited by myself or a volunteer later. If done by a volunteer, please PM message me the edit work and I will reveal it.
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League of Legends Strategy Build Guide and Discussions
Discuss about various strategy build guides of Champions in League of Legends. Check different guides available in for champions and discuss.
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Rising of the Sun story discussion and ideas
Rising of the Sun idea/discussion of plot I am not good at this stuff I will not give away ALL ideas until end of story peace. :}
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Star Guardians : The awakening
As we know this year theirs a new star guardian release this year and now they a new members will be soon awaked. who are they you will know soon!
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As 4 Balas
Aposto que sabe que eu não sei que isso é pra escrever
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