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Left 4 Dead RPing, WON'T DIE
I keep finding dead RP forums. I PROMISE to keep this one alive for as long as there are people who want to RP. Survivor and Infected OCs welcome! NEW i am now running several other forums, which are thriving. i am very experienced as a forum director.
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Left 4 Dead RolePlaying
This is a L4D RP. Join please!
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Left 2 Die
Oh yes, there will be blood.
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L4D ROLEPLAY: The Next Chapter
The continuation of the old L4D RP fórum that died, here we will continue kicking zombie asses
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Can I has Left 4 Dead RP?
Hello there! I've done some Left 4 Dead role-plays before but I kinda died for a year and I feel like getting back into it and didn't feel like joining an already existing RP... So here I am.
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Left 4 Dead infected OC roleplay!
Role play for all infected OCs! If you've submitted an OC to Akikazemoon, then you can role play here!
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New Apocalypse, a Left 4 Dead RP
Let us re-write the Left 4 Dead story with our own OCs and Zombies. This RP will follow the basic L4D story but with our own characters and twists. So, come on in and see what happens when you are LEFT 4 DEAD.
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Left 4 Dead: Land of the 4saken
A L4D RP, members of '4saken: An L4D RP' can continue story here if you want.
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Left 4 Dead RP!
In a world were zombie invasions seem to happen every other generation its you turn to join the fight. RP as Infected and/or Survivors. OC's are welcome.
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Left 4 Dead RP
To stay alive, the remaining survivors will have to band together and work with each other. Do you have what it takes to live through the apocalypse?
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Left 4 Dead: We Fight to Survive
Come. Join the fight for Humanity's Survival
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Left 4 Dead: Outbreak
How will you react when martial law has just been called? What are these flesh eating humanoids? Will you be able to survive? Well, come find out yourself, it's only worth your time after all.
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Left 4 Dead Survival Roleplay
Set in a post-apocalyptic world, the survivors must fight to survive this epidemic of the 'Green Flu' as it mutates further and further to take them out, and as the survivors adapt to these changes, can they keep going or will they fall as the rest of humanity has? Lets find out!
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Left 4 Dead RP
This is it ladies and all you gentlemanly men. This is the zambie apocolypso. Do what you must to survive, but don't eat any zombie brains... Or human brains for that matter, both would be really frowned upon. Come in, chat it up, make some OCs, make some OKs, make some OJ for all I care, just make sure you have fun and let's try to get this thing goin'.
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Where Dead Souls Roam
The outbreak has started. Cries and gunshots are heard around every corner. Blood paints the streets and chaos is all around. The only thing that is left are the few who have the will or luck to push forward and the seemingly unending hordes of undead corpses. Come and try your luck out; will you survive or will you die and join the rest of the dead souls?
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Left 4 Dead gone random With ROLEPLAY!
Something a lot better than your average grape!
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Undead Valley RP
This sub-forum is for an RP GMed by El Barto 227 and A Friendly Hunter. We've begun, but you can still join!
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Infected OC Q & A
People who submitted an Oc to Akikazemoons awesome story can come and help people understand what your Oc is like.
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infected intent
catchy name for my RP forum i will create more threads with time
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One time me and mah buddeh Keith
Which one of Ellis's stories is YOUR favorite? Who's better the witch or the hunter? Nick/Ellis is AWESOME or Nick/Ellis is DISGUSTING? Does Zoey really thing a thing for the witch? Will Louis ever get his pillz? Discuss YOUR ideas in this forum!
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Left 4 Dead Roleplay: Apocalypse Upon Us
We have to fight to survive... Feel free to make a survivor and roleplay!
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Left 4 Dead: Survival of the Skilled
Use every skill at your disposal to ensure your survival, and ultimately the survival of humanity. Roleplay forum with an emphasis on well-written posts.
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Dead by Dawn
Based off the hit Valve series, Dead by Dawn is a realistic roleplay where a handful of survivors must fight to remain alive in a world filled with death. Moderators wanted, PM me for info! Still in progress, need help.
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Left 4 Dead Club!
We have discussion threads, to Roleplaying, to just hanging out! Please, come in! :D
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Left4Dead RP
An rp of survival, drama, and, of course, Zombies.
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